Classroom Punishment As Virtues

A school is a place with hundreds of memories, lifelong bonds, unforgettable lessons, and carefree souls. But when we look back, we find moments that made us anxious and unimaginably scared. “Punishments” that’s right.

Homework not done, talking in the class, arriving late, misbehaving etc., are innumerable reasons why we as students were punished. We didn’t really understand the actual meaning of those punishments and often got really upset. But now if you read this ahead you would get to know what lessons the teachers wanted to inculcate in you through those little punishments.

How classroom punishment teaches us values?

Hold Your Ears

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Listen More

Recess time was just not enough for all the latest gossips we had to go on and on during the teaching periods as well. And god forbid if we got caught doing so, you had to stand for the entire period holding your ears. Because if you speak you only repeat what you actually know but you could learn something new if you listen. Hence a small price to pay for the greater lesson learnt.

Stand Facing The Wall



Disturbing everyone around you and causing a nuisance in the class would often end up with you stand in the corner, facing the wall. Facing the wall meant self-introspection. Look within yourself, try finding out what your mistakes are and figure out a way to amend them. Before you point out fingers at others you should first peep into your soul.

Kneel down



Calling people by names, making fun of them until the last bell rang seemed to be a primary reason to attend school. But if anyone in authority heard you saying that you would have to kneel. That was to make us realize how important it was to be down to earth and respect everyone. Also, be considerate towards their individuality. Treating people the right way is all you needed to know.

Stand Up On The Bench

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Looking At The Big Picture

Not being attentive in the class, loitering in the hallway and disturbing fellows made us feel cooler than others but just then you were made to stand up on the bench for your misbehavior. It was to open your eyes and make you look at the bigger picture that you have a whole life ahead of you and you need to be successful so stop wasting your time around like an idiot. And start making the most out of the time that you have now. Often we get caught up in our myopic view of life. This is how our teacher’s taught us to look at the bigger picture and envision a life ahead.

Finger On Your Lips

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Boast Less

“Have you seen my new pencil box? It’s so cool. I won so many awards on this annual day”. Quiet! Why are you both talking in the class? I want you to sit with folded hands and fingers on your lips. The underlying truth was the teacher was making you boast less about what you have. Rather keep that stuff and words to yourself. Self-praise is not always needed. While confidence is key, pride and ego have lead to downfall of even great historic icons. Thus, no more boasting.


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Every cloud has a silver lining. Just like that, every punishment had its learning. It’s just a matter of our perception of how we look at them. It is important for us to realize why were such stringent measures made a vital part of our schooling and education. Even life teaches you these lessons, its important to keep our eyes open for challenges and teachings that they impart.

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