How Cannabinoids Are A Game Changer For Holistic Health

Cannabis and marijuana are used interchangeably by many, and there are notable health benefits shared between the two. While THC derived from marijuana is the compound infamous for the sensation of high people experience, CBD from cannabis has no such inebriating effects but has many intersecting health benefits. 

Where marijuana is considered to induce a high, CBD can help you work more proficiently. In fact, both products have a substantial medical use. Why is that so? Let’s take a look at the effects of both these compounds.

Psycho-physiological Response

Both THC from marijuana and CBD from cannabis interact with the human body’s endocannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS is pivotal in regulating several functions and processes that comprise mood regulations, sleep, hunger, memory, fertility, and reproduction.

Although they both interact with the ECS system, both marijuana and cannabis have different properties with unique therapeutic benefits.

Benefits of CBD 

CBD oil is known for its revolutionary healing properties in the treatment of cancer and radiation therapy. CBD compounds interact with the cannabinoid receptors of the consumer, healing intense problems such as Parkinson’s, arthritis, depression, Crohn’s disease, CPTSD, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and multiple skin problems. People also consume CBD supplements for an immunity boost, bone health, and skin health. 

Benefits of THC 

THC derived from marijuana has now has been legalized in many US states. THC is now used majorly for recreational uses and to address mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, OCD, and insomnia. Moreover, they are also associated with the healing of chronic pain, phantom pain, PTSD, and nausea.

The Effects of Consuming CBD and THC

CBD rarely shows any side effects in consumers even when it is administered in larger amounts. The World Health Organization (WHO) claims that CBD shows no signs of toxicity or adverse effects on patients. It is prudent to take the advice of a doctor before using buymellow CBD with another medicine, since their interaction may cause a side-effect.

Alternatively, THC is known for its side effects that range from an increased heart rate, drowsiness, slower reaction, red eyes, slowed cognition, and the famous couch lock. However, both have unique use cases which are equally beneficial. THC is the compound people prefer to help with slowing their heart rate if they experience anxiety, while CBD is used to address nausea.

Drug Traces in Tests

Standard drug tests conducted everywhere scan the blood for compounds like THC, which means that marijuana would definitely be detected on a tox-screen report. However, CBD products can also contain minute traces of THC, lower than 0.3%. If these traces are checked, they may show up in an extensive scan. One should be careful to carry their prescription of CBD and THC if they are in a state or country where the laws are specific.

Wrapping Up:

While weed (marijuana) and hash (cannabis) both come from varying plant sources being Indica and Sativa respectively, it is still jumbled by many when mentioned. CBD and THC have many physical and psychological well-being-enhancing benefits, which is why they are two of the most popular products used in holistic healing today! 

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