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Using Honey As Medicine After Knowing Its Healing Properties

manuka honey

Benefits of Manuka Honey

Honey has been a part of our diet for a while now.

Some prefer having it in their early morning with lime juice as a sure shot way to lose weight. Others might like adding it to their desserts and other delicacies.

But did you know the benefits of honey are not just confined to our kitchens and plates? The medicinal properties go way beyond that.

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Since ages, honey was used by the Greek army to heal wounds and prevent infections.

But not just any honey.

Specifically, it’s the Manuka Honey that has healing properties and not regular raw honey.

The regular raw honey is high in fructose, if you use that,  it will only worsen the condition and initiate an infection.

How does it work?

  1. The Money Honey is made from the pollen collected from the Manuka bush which is then used to make the honey.
  2. These pollens have some extraordinary powers which help to kill 250 strains of bacteria, giving it antibacterial benefits.
  3. Manuka Honey releases hydrogen peroxide with the help of some enzymatic activities which further work to prevent an infection.
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How to dress it

  1. First, one should size up the wound.
  2. The honey needs to penetrate into the deeper layers for it to work well.
  3. One has to apply an ample amount of the product to the wound so that it is fully sealed.
  4. To avoid a mess, you could wrap a dressing gauge around the infected area.
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Next time, you get a cut, forget the burn of turmeric sting, forget meds. Just dab some sweet honey and you are good to go!

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Written by Dr. Nida Kazi

Dr Nida Kazi is a health coach & nutritionist specialising in sports nutrition and Doctor of alternative medicine (M.D, A.M). She is a fitness enthusiast and firmly believe in the priniciple of eating right and exercising regularly. She likes exploring different cuisines and finding the interesting facts behind all foods and researching their origin. And what is life without a little sliver of nature, her interests involve hiking in the woods, going on adventurous expeditions and water sports.

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