Holding the Perfect Wedding Reception

Your wedding day has to be memorable, special, and unique, from start to finish. Ensuring that every element of the day is successful can be stressful and overwhelming. When you have lots to plan and think about, you can end up forgetting about (or even overlooking) important details. When you are planning your wedding reception, you want to ensure that you are including everything you want and need. So, just where should you start the process?

Establishing a Theme

Do you want your wedding reception to have the same theme as your wedding day, or would you like a change? For example, if your day was more formal, are you looking for a more-informal reception or party? Once you have established the type of reception you want to hold, you then want to focus on the theme. For instance, would you like a 1950’s style party, or would you like a disco or club theme? What do you envisage your reception looking like and why?

The Location and Venue

After establishing a theme for your reception, you need to then decide what location or venue you want to use. Are you looking to hold the reception at the same location as the wedding? Or, would you like somewhere close-by that perhaps has a different feel? Do you want your reception venue easily accessible by all daytime guests, or would you like somewhere a little off the beaten track? The location and the venue can have a huge impact on costs, but it can also have an impact on how many guests you invite. So think carefully about the location and the venue for your wedding day and wedding reception. For example, a small quiet location may sound nice, but in reality, it may be dull, boring, and lifeless.

Food and Drink

At the wedding reception, it is time to indulge in good food and drink. The venue normally provides food, and to ensure you are happy with what is being served at the venue, you need to try out (sample) some of the dishes on offer. Once you have settled on the food that is to be served, you then have to focus your attention on drinks. What drinks will you provide to guests, and who will be serving the drinks? For instance, are you going to use specialist wedding bartenders who will help to make your event that little bit more magical? The food and the drink at your wedding reception will feature your wedding cake. So, putting time and effort into planning and preparing every detail within these two areas is essential.

The Budget

Talking about spending and costs may not be at the top of your list of priorities at the moment, but nevertheless, it is still important.You do not want to spend too much on the reception because you do not want the extra financial burden hanging around you at the start of married life. Similarly, you don’t want to spend too little, as you risk it not being what you originally envisioned, and this could ruin your day and reception’s whole look and feel. Striking a balance between cost and affordability and setting a budget is important.

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