Women Take a Note – Say no to High Heels!

High Heels are types of shoes that women wear usually for the fashion statement purpose or either to look talk. In these types of footwear heels as compared to the toes are high. There are various types of heels such as Kitten heels, Wedge heels, Stilettos, Cone heels and Sling Back heels. These heels look fashionable and girls do carry them easily but they also have adverse effects. Check them out.

Physical Hazards Of Wearing High Heels

In this modern era, I don’t think any lady would hesitate to wear a pair of stilettos and walk around like a queen. Isn’t it completely acceptable. And this, in fact, is seen more commonly in the ones who love to appear and look tall. Though the occasional use of a pair of high heels might not do any harm but long-term use of the same would certainly cause a great deal of harm to you.

Let us know about the harmful effects of the same:

High Heels adversely changes the human body posture.

source- Verywell Health

A person is defined by his attitude, and science says that the attitude is determined by the body posture of a person.

A body posture is any position which the human body settles into or takes during various kinds of activities. In anatomy, anatomical position is the human body posture which is said to be of an erect type- the back being straight, abdomen tucked in, and hands and legs in level.

However, this is not the case now, because of the sedentary form of lifestyle we all are living now. In order to be relaxed, we always assume a posture which is of a slouched type.

High heels are one of a kind that turns out to be harmful for our posture over excess usage. The base of support given to the body in a pair of high heels is very less, and when we talk about pencil heels, it is as good as ZERO.

(In Physical Terms, Base of support is the area by which human body is supported. When standing normally, the area covered by both the feet forms the Base Of Support area.)

Wearing a high heel makes a person looks like she is standing in an almost toe standing position, which certainly affects the whole posterior aspect of the body, which includes- the lower leg, the back side of the thigh, hips/buttocks, and the pelvis.

For an instance, long-term use of high heels can affect a person in the following ways:

source- Rothy’s

The person can develop various health issues which can harm the body in the long run. These issues range from small pains to big posture hindering pains. For eg:-

  1. Joint Pain
  2. Leg/ Feet Pain
  3. Pathological harms like tissue, ligament or muscle issues.
  4. Shortening of TA Tendon
  5. Undue Pelvic Tilting
  6. Lower Back Pain (It is the worst complication of wearing a high heel).

Our feet have something called as “Arches of the foot”.

source- Jacksonville Orthopedic

These are anatomical structures which are specially designed for shock absorption, i.e. to prevent damage to the foot while you are walking, dancing or doing any activity that involves the use of your feet.

When on heels, these arches lose their function, as a result of which there is no “Cushioning” that is, no shock absorption. In severe cases in the long run, this might result in Flat Foot Deformity.

Another complication which is worth considering is hip and knee pain.

As already mentioned, high heels make one assume in a “Toe Standing” posture, which affects the neighboring joints, i.e. the knees and the hip. The continual uneven force distribution imparted by the unusual posture causes compensatory changes in the position of Hip Joint (Posterior Pelvic Tilting), which leads to back pain.

One should learn the fact that high heels are designed for special occasions, keeping in mind the adverse effect of the same.

Occasional use of a pair of heels would do no harm, as the body is expert at managing things.

But if a constant force is presented, the body tries to modify the structure itself, giving rise to complications. Stay limited, stay safe!

Stay tuned for fascinating facts regarding the human body.

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