14 Dangerous Food Combinations

Do you ever tend to feel uneasy even if you ate the right kind of food items? We all think that eating the correct and healthy food items should be the prime concern. But as per Ayurveda and science, it’s very important to combine the right kind of food. Food combinations are very important for avoiding any type of harm to health. While consuming anything, foods with different digestive environments should be separate. According to a study, about 50% of people fall sick because of wrong food combinations.

14 Dangerous Food Combinations

Here are the 14 worst but common food combinations that can make you sick. It would be best if you tried to avoid mixing them up at any cost.

1. Bananas and Milk

Food combinations banana milk
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Ayurveda calls this combo the heaviest and a toxic blend. It is heavy for our belly and can slow down our minds. If you love it, make sure that the banana is overripe and add cardamom or nutmeg to stimulate digestion.

2. Yogurt with fruit

Food combinations Yoghurt and fruit
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Yogurt contains many bacteria that can act on the sugar present in fruits. This can result in toxins, colds, or allergies. Instead of fresh fruits, you can avoid this by using plain curd and mixing in honey, cinnamon, or raisins.

3. Tomato and Cheese

tomato cheese
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Food combining theory advises not to mix starch with acids. Tomatoes are acidic and avoid mixing them with starchy carbs such as bread or pasta. Adding cheese to this heavy combo can cause digestive problems and after-meal fatigue. 

Your body will need a lot of energy to digest this rich meal. Instead, consume pasta with pesto and grilled veggies.

4. Fatty Foods With Proteins

Food combination protein fat
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Fat inhibits the release of gastric juices, which is important for protein digestion. Dairy protein doesn’t digest as fast as other protein foods. These foods contain a huge amount of fat to inhibit gastric acid.

5. Tea/Coffee After Meals

Food combinations Tea coffee
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Leaves of tea are acidic. It can affect the digestion process. This acid will solidify the protein part, thus making it difficult to digest. Drinking tea after a meal can also decrease iron absorption in the body. 

A study has found that intake of coffee after a high-fat meal can raise your blood sugar to harmful levels.

6. Fish with Milk/Curd

Food combinations fish milk
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It is a common belief that consuming fish and milk together is harmful. Consuming fish and milk together can cause skin patches or pigmentation. As per Ayurveda, it causes an imbalance that can disturb various body processes. 

It’s quite debatable, as it’s a supreme food combination of Mediterranean cuisine. But, it’s better to avoid this combination as a precaution.

7. Spinach and Tomato

Food combination spinach tomato
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Spinach and tomatoes together cause stones in the kidneys. Both Spinach and tomatoes are rich in oxalate, forming calcium oxalate stones with calcium. These stones are unlikely common in patients without kidney problems. 

But they can increase the chances of occurrence of stones in kidney patients.

8. Milk/Curd with Brinjal

Food combinations
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Eating any veggie with dairy products can be harmful. Brinjal is a nightshade vegetable like a tomato. Avoid consumption with milk or curd as it can cause disturbances in digestive enzymes.

9. Meat and Potatoes

potato meat
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One of the biggest noes is combining meat with a high starch carb, like potatoes. Proteins and starches need acidic and basic environments, respectively, to digest. If consumed together, it will neutralize the digestive environment. 

It can result in various health problems such as indigestion, weight gain, etc.

10. Water after Fruits

Food combination water with fruit
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Drinking water straight after eating fruits can cause belly pain, gas, and cold. Fruits contain a good amount of sugar and yeast. Stomach acids create a favorable environment for yeast to survive. 

As a result, it produces carbon dioxide, which leads to a gaseous build-up in the stomach. Besides, Ayurveda advises avoiding drinking water before or after any meal, including food. Moreover, water dilutes stomach acids and slows down digestion.

11. Honey and Ghee (Animal Fat)

Honey Ghee
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Ayurveda does not accept this combination at all. Also, a study revealed that mixing warm honey (>140°C) with ghee is harmful. It produces a deadly toxin that may have dangerous effects and act as a poison in due course.

12. Cooked Curd or Honey

food combinations
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Honey becomes toxic when cooked. It takes a longer time to digest. Also, its molecule sticks to the internal membrane. They lock fine channels and produce poison. Heating curd can kill good bacteria (probiotics). Besides, it reduces the protein quality of the yogurt. And can change the chemical structure of the protein, making it more allergic.

13. Milk/Curd with Radish

Radish food combinations
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Avoid taking milk after the intake of radish, etc. This may cause skin diseases. It’s a combination of two opposite-natured food, i.e., hot and cold. So, avoid consuming milk immediately after garlic, radish, and holy basil consumption.

14. Spinach with Sesame

Food combinations sesame spinach
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When cooked along with sesame seed, Spinach can affect digestion, causing loose motions. As per Ayurveda, this is due to the similarities that both of these foods have. It can give rise to dosha in the body.


These are some common food combinations in our daily life. Other than these, many varieties like starch and protein, veggies and meat, etc., are bad. It can lead to many issues like skin problems and fever and may even cause death. 

Most people feel energetic and lose weight after following these simple rules of food. So do follow this in your daily food routine for a healthy life.

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