Oreo Lovers! Do Check Out These Amazing Facts About Oreo Cookies

Oreo is so far the best-selling cookie all over the world and is the most liked cookie as well!

There are some facts about Oreo cookies which I bet you are not aware of your twistable, lickable, dunkable, dreamable, delicious cookie!

Gander below and check out some amazing facts about Oreo cookies:

  • Oreo celebrates its first birthday on 6th March 1912! Oh yeah, it’s not something new! They were manufactured at Nabisco factory in New York City, where were are only 2 original flavors- chocolate and lemon meringue. They were later discontinued after 1920.
  • It has double stuffing cream- it’s wrong! If you see the original double stuffed cookie, it is 1.86 times bigger than what we are eating today! The actual Oreo was supposed to have 3 times the filling of what it has today!
  • More than 123000 tons of crème is made each year to fill in between the cookies. Each Oreo cookie has 29% of crème and about 71% of cookie.
oreo cookies
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Further Oreo facts

  • It takes around 59 minutes to make a single Oreo biscuit! It is baked for exactly 290/6 seconds at the temperature of 400 F from the top and 300 F from below.
  • 500 billion Oreo’s cookies have been sold all over the world, out of which the United States leads the number to date!
  • Not many people are aware but Oreo is very addictive. It’s okay if you compare it to cocaine! But the addictiveness for this biscuit is too damn high!
  • There are enough Oreos to wrap around the earth 381 times! If you place it in a heap, you can cover the earth very easily!
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  • I am not sure if anyone has carefully looked at an Oreo cookie, but every Oreo cookie has 90 ridges, 12 flowers, 12 dashes, and 12 dots!
  • No one knows why it is named Oreo! I  still remain a mystery!
  • To all the Oreo lovers out there! 6th march is declared as National Oreo Day to honour the birthday of the best cookie!

What are your views on these facts about Oreo cookies? Let us know in comments below.

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