Everything You Need to Know About Honor X5

The new honor x5 is an all-around smartphone with a lot to propose for those on a fixed budget.  It has coped to beget enough buzz and care to make the Honor brand a solid performer in the UAE’s budget and average-range smartphone sections.

Honor x5: The Design.

The metal casing of the honor x5 is crafted from diamond-refined aluminum metal.  The phone casing bears a sandblasting ground treatment utilizing a metallic brushing way, making a shiny, superior texture.  The groomed metallic build provides a superior look and feels that you will be distressed to find out with different budget-friendly smartphones. 

Honor x5: Display.

It was a churl surprise was only how avid the 5.5-inch 1080p HD screen display is on this smartphone.  The colors are vivid and intense.  The text is concise, and the blacks are inky.  The honor x5 has a 1080p screen, hefty internals, a metallic design, and a digital fingerprint scanner, which is actually impressive.

Honor x5: Fingerprint Scanner.

The fingerprint sensor is as colorful as the casing and mixes in rather well.  The back placement of the fingerprint reader, by all odds, grows on you and creates unlocking the device really easy.  Swiping up sets up the last Apps screen, a tap accepts you back to whatever old screen, and a click and hold functions as a home push button.  Swiping down gives the notification drop, and you are still able to utilize the scanner to respond to calls, quiet alarms, and take photographs. 

Honor x5: The software system.

Honor x5 is executing Huawei’s EMUI 3.1 supported Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.  The software system will include timely security updates.  The notification bar is fine organized and part into 2 sections, with one putting up all the notifications.  In that respect, there are a couple of helpful tools, suchlike an FM radio, a mirror app, a simple microscope, a torch app, and auto-backup to save significant texts, files, pics, and more, all pre-installed, which acts wonders for customers.

Honor x5: Battery Life and Camera.

The honor x5 goes with a 3,000 mAh non-removable battery and provides surprisingly amazing battery life.  The battery is not obliterable; it should get you through twenty-four hours with heavy usage.  The honor x5 goes with a 13 MP back shooter, an f/2.0 aperture, and double-tone LED light, and a 5 MP facing unit.  In that respect, there is no optical picture stabilization to be had even so, and overall, the quality is really a lot of as is when compared to different smartphones at this price.  Generally, it is way more than expected.

Final Thoughts

The honor x5 is a thoughtful average-range smartphone that assures all the right boxes.  It is made up well, looks satisfactory, bears all the right connectivity picks, and has enough camera as well.  Additionally, it is got a fantabulous screen and valuable fingerprint sensor that acts a lot more than most rivals’ offerings.  The honor x5 is as well authentic and fluent in operation.  With a lot of plus features environing it.  The honor x5 could be a really exciting phone in its price class.

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