Every Foodie Must Know These Interesting Food Facts

Interesting food facts

“As long as you have in your mouth you have solved all the problems for the time being” – Franz Kafka

We all, especially foodies, love to explore something or the other related to food.

Anything that deals with food undoubtedly interest us, don’t you think the same? And, why not it is one of the basic things of our life.

Today we have rounded up some interesting food facts that will surely enlighten you and make you think and do certain things related to food differently.

A Floating Egg In Water Means It Is No Longer Edible!

When eggs become old and aged, it accumulates gases, causing it to float! Therefore, be careful before having what you have planned for.

Never Feed Birds Avocado

Avocado Contain an element known as “Persin” which is a poison for birds. Watch out!

Food Coloring Makes Children Hyper-Active

Certain Toxic Dyes, especially Red & Yellow are linked to behavioral changes in children. Just think about it once more before using it.

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Coffee Beans Are Not Beans

interesting food facts
Via – tcmworld.org

Instead, they are Coffee “Berries.”  A new thing to know about coffee.

A Small Piece Of Dark Chocolate Will Raise Your Blood Sugar Level Before A Meal

This prevents you from overeating, even if you’re starving. But, how can you resist? After all, it’s chocolate.

Do Not Drink Tea That Isn’t Freshly Brewed

facts about foods
Via – livestrongcdn.com

Stale Tea irritates the lining of the stomach. Consider the expiry dates carefully before consuming.

Honey Comes With No Expiry Date!

Yes. Honey never expires. It’s Acidity, Lack of water and presence of Hydrogen Peroxide allows it to last forever. So, you are free to use it as long as you want to.

Stay tuned for more amazing and interesting facts about food!

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