Here Is The Secret Recipe For Everlasting Health And Beauty

Secret Recipe For Everlasting Health And Beauty

Every individual is running a rat race today.

Whether it is due to work deadlines or in order to get fitter. ‘Go big or Go home’ is the principle that we follow.

Nowadays we connect stress, hectic schedule, and constant activity with success, good health, fitness, and productivity.

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We keep running from day to night, working 10 hours a day multitasking constantly. There’s so much to achieve in so little time.

Even when it comes to achieving physical fitness, we feel more is better. To hit the gym early morning before our work day starts, we cut down our sleep to barely 4 or 5 hours. Exercising makes us healthy and we look younger.

But is it really a good idea? Will it really make us age slower and look younger?

Well, here’s a shocker. All the running that you’ve always been doing is actually gonna make your biological clock tick faster. Cutting back on your sleep crashes your immunity, makes you eat unhealthy foods or have stimulants, and makes you look haggard.

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Every organism ages over the course of its life. That cannot be changed. However, let me tell you that you hold in your hands the potential to let your biological clock run a little slower, helping you stay younger.

Extreme sports, excessive eating, and false ambition are factors that can steal our energy.

Every day we encounter countless thieves of energy, including stress, frustration, poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, and an inappropriate fitness regimen. High energy use accelerates the aging process and shortens our lifespan.

Conserving life energy is the secret to everlasting health and beauty

As the Italians say “Dolce Far Niente” or the sweetness of doing nothing. Although, it isn’t far from what our forefathers or the enlightened monks and priest in the Himalayas have taught us all along.

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I suggest two ways do this. Take time to zone out. Unplug your internet, switch off your phone, and just stare out the window or just into space. Disconnect from everything around you and tune into your inner self. If possible do ‘nothing’ alone, as having company may tempt you to start a conversation.

Furthermore, another way is to just sit back and relax but be actively present to every movement around. This is similar to meditation.

So, sit in a comfortable position. Breathe slowly. Feel your belly expand as you breathe in.

Be aware of the contact of your body with the chair or the feel of the clothes against your skin. Watch your thoughts until each one of them disappears and is replaced with another one and be mindful of each one of them.

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Spare some time every day to do this to relax and feel revitalized. See new ideas popping into your head almost automatically.

This will also help to reduce your stress which is a major aging factor. Less stress equals to less binge eating. Feeling relaxed will make you sleep better too.

Hence, eat in moderation and exercise in moderation. And do not forget to switch off from the world for a few moments for everlasting health and beauty.

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