Emotional Eating Is A Sumptuous Monster! Learn How To Overcome It

Food is an emotional experience.

Our life is pretty much centered around food.

Whether it is catching up with a couple of friends, celebrating an anniversary, or maybe you just landed an amazing deal with your partner/s, the first thought that comes to mind for the celebration is to go out for a meal.

Food is not just the means to curb your physical hunger. It does more than providing energy and nourishment to our body. Our connection with food is much much deeper than we think.

Although, the real problem begins when this connection turns into obsession, known as ‘Emotional Eating.’

Are You An Emotional Eater? Let Us Find Out…

Emotional eating is depending on food for comfort, stress relief or as a reward, rather than to satisfy hunger.

It is feeling powerless around food, and being totally submissive against it when the craving hits.

  1. Do you crave for specific foods when you are stressed over a deadline or an exam?
  2. Do you ever feel down and depressed and the only thing that can cheer you up is a box of candy or a pint of ice cream?
  3. Has it ever happened to you that you are stuffed to the neck, and you still can’t lay your hands off of that dessert?
  4. Do you devour down a bag of chips when you are lonely, frustrated, angry, anxious, bored or happy? But not exactly hungry or just when it is mealtime?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are that you’ve encountered at least one bout of emotional eating in your life.

Fret Not!! We are here to tell you how to switch off the emotional eating mode!

Follow These Steps and Defeat The  Monster:

Addressing the problem is the first step to curb emotional eating. Be aware of what triggers the cravings. Understanding and accepting your feelings will help you to break the vicious cycle of eating followed by self-loathing.

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Once you know the cause, you can take the necessary action to overcome the binge-eating.

  1. If you feel lonely- Connect with an old buddy. Share how you feel, or just chat about the current events in their life. Share a laugh. You won’t feel so lonely after a while and the feeling to eat will pass.
  2. If you are angry- Go out for a run. This will divert your mind from food and release those ‘happy hormones’, that will make you feel much better.
  3. If you are more likely to eat because you are bored- Take up a hobby, enroll in a painting class. Go and learn a guitar. Join a book reading group. Anything that keeps you engaged will make you think less about food. Via – lapbandsurgery.com
  4. If you eat when you are stressed or anxious- Learn some breathing exercises, and meditate for a few minutes. This will definitely calm the nervous jitters.
  5. Emotional eating is usually driven by impulse eating without a second thought. So make it a rule to take 5 when the craving strikes. Usually, the feeling might pass if you just wait it out.
  6. So wait for 5 mins, and try to involve in some kind of activity that you like to do. If the feeling still persists, then go ahead. But the craving wouldn’t be the same anymore. And there’s a chance that you might not feel like emptying the whole bag of cookies, but might just have 1 or 2.
  7. Lastly, clear out your kitchen cabinets & refrigerator. If the junk isn’t easily accessible, you are less likely to have it.

Don’t Forget! Emotional Eating Is Unhealthy!

Remember, depending on food as a crutch or expecting it to fill a void is not going to help.

If anything, it will only make you feel even more miserable and guilty about gobbling down those extra calories.

Instead, try to be mindful of the food you consume.

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