Elevate your Everyday Style with 6 Iconic Specs Frames

Those days are gone when wearing specs was a synonym for being a nerd or a boring person. We are in a century where specs are considered an extension of your fashion language. With a plethora of specs frame available in the market, one can quickly get their hands on that one specs frame that suits their face and accentuate the overall look.

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Just like any other accessory that acquires a certain amount of importance and space in your wardrobe, specs frames must also be given their due. Be it a formal occasion or a casual one, you must ensure that your specs frames act as an enhancer of your overall personality. Keeping pace with the fashion trends, it is also necessary to deep-dive when searching for the best specs frame for yourself.

So, before you miss out on any of them, check out this list of carefully curated specs frames we have put together so that you get nothing short of the best.

1. For the Bold Personality

Add a classic dimension to your look with round-rimmed specs frames. An iconic spec frame like this one will, literally, suit all types of faces. It is considered a statement look that will win everyone’s heart. It comes with round edges that reflect a classy appeal and is sure to fetch you a lot of compliments from your peers.

2. Oversized Square Glasses

Contour the image of the classy and bold person that you are with this pair of green-coloured square rimmed oversized specs frames. Choose this to highlight your playful look and enhance your style quotient. It will suit you best, especially if you have a round or oval face shape.

3. Cat Eye Rules Forever!

Get ready to get a wise and mysterious look with Cat Eye Frames. This specs frame is always topping the trend and renders a splash of elegance and chic appeal to anyone wearing it. So, grab this piece, pair it up with your most fashionable outfit, and get ready to slay every occasion.

4. Rim to Brim With Joy

Stay in style all day long with rimmed eyeglasses. These spectacles frames give a perfect finish to your overall appeal. Whether a casual occasion or a formal one, this pair of specs frame will lend an elegant and minimalistic twist to your striking style.

5. Frame That Speaks for Itself

If you have an eye on a pair of specs frames that aren’t ‘too much’ yet bring the best out of you, then go ahead with wireframe glasses. These spec frames give a premium finish to your fashion statement. Metal finish is currently undergoing a big moment among millennials. Opting for this piece will ensure it brings the best out of you. The quintessential part is that it’s unisex and can be worn on any occasion. 

6. Oval Frames for Square Face Shapes

All you need in your style statement is a pair of black-coloured oval-shaped, rimmed specs frames. It is an exquisite piece with a classic style and a contemporary touch. This style has gathered the pace in the fashion industry and is curated with an excellent finish. It gives a comfortable fit that goes with every favourite collection of yours.

Since it’s all about the right specs frame, choosing the right one can give you comfort and keep your style statement on point. So, you must always ensure you have the correct eye number before heading to buy your eyewear. Once you know the number, identify your face shape, and choose the specs frame that suits you the most.

Choosing a perfect specs frame can again become a tedious task. The floor is all yours if you’re heading to acquire a pair just for a fashion statement. Hence, we recommend you go only with known brands as they offer frames that are in trend and comfort. You can start your eyewear journey with trusted brands such as Fastrack today, as they will ensure to share the perfect fit that suits your style too!

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