4 Easy Steps To Grow Weed At Home

Growing cannabis at home sounds fun, but you need to be aware of the entire growth process. Because cannabis is a popular plant worldwide, many households have already started cultivating this crop in their backyard. Luckily, many states around the world have allowed people to grow weed at home. So if you’re ready to start harvesting this crop at home, you need to keep a few things in mind. If you don’t have hands-on experience of growing cannabis at home, fear but because there are several ways to grow it.

All you need to do is, have a perspective on your budget and settle for the perfect cannabis seeds. Sift through the following steps to grow this plant at home:

4 Easy Steps To Grow Weed At Home

1. Choose The Growth Location

 Choose The Growth Location
Source: The Green Fund

The first step is to choose whether you want to grow indoor or outdoor. If you choose to grow outdoors, it will cost less money. Contrary to this, if you settle for growing cannabis indoors, it will cost more money and time. You will need to invest in the best LED grow lights for cannabis and pot for indoor weed growth. Keep in mind, the location you choose will have a strong influence on the growth of this plant. Because cannabis is not like any regular plant, you will need to go the extra mile in making this plant grow to the fullest.

2. Buy Good Quality Cannabis Seeds From The Market

Buy Good Quality Cannabis Seeds From The Market
Source: NY Daily News

The next and most obvious step is to buy good quality cannabis seeds. Not to forget, the quality of the cannabis seeds will have a strong impact on the result. If you are sceptical about purchasing from a local vendor, you can buy from an online vendor. Several online vendors sell good quality weed seeds and products to the customers. Before you settle for any option, don’t forget to read the customer reviews. They will sift you through the pros and cons of buying a particular seed.

3. Know Which Cannabis Strain To Grow

Know Which Cannabis Strain To Grow
Source: Medical News Today

Cannabis has multiple strains out there, with each of them having a different chemical composition. So it is imperative for you to have clarity on the kind of strain you want to grow. Once you settle for a particular strain, the next step will be to research the conditions in which the plant thrives. For instance, if you decide to grow cannabis Indica in the house, you should know that it requires some essential nutrients and lots of sunlight to grow. Similarly, every cannabis strain is different in terms of growth requirements.

4. Buy Essential Equipment

Buy Essential Equipment
Source: Modern Thrill

Even if you decide to work on a budget, you will have to buy some essential equipment, which is necessary for the growth of the cannabis plant. Especially when you decide to grow this plant indoor, the list of equipment will take a big toll on your budget. Some of the basic equipment you will need to grow cannabis at home are:

·Grow Tent

·Fabric pot

·Rockwool cubes

·Grow Lights


·Carbon Filters

·Rotating Fans

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