Did You Know These Mind-boggling Facts About The Human Body?

Human Body is so amazing! Apart from being a set of complexity, it is full of so many surprises. Besides performing its chief function, every organ has a surprising side. Have you ever wondered how many mysteries and secrets your body is hiding from you? Well! It’s good enough to explore them. Let us go through these facts about the human body and get amazed.

1. Ecosystem Inside You!

Thousands of bacteria living inside your belly button form an ecosystem which has the size of an entire rainforest.

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Isn’t it great to shelter an ecosystem inside your body?

2. Potential acids!

The acid in your stomach is enough to dissolve razor blades. Quite acidic, right? But don’t take it as a warranty to swallow blades!

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3. Love is in the air!

Here is an interesting phenomenon that you will love. If a woman is pregnant and gets her organs damaged, her fetus sends out stem cells to help out and save her.

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Kind of mother-child love!

4. Inner voice!

Would you love to know how the world hears you? Cover your left ear with your hand and speak. That’s how it is.

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5. Weak bones!

Take a human bone, remove all its minerals and soak it in 6% hydrochloric acid solution for a night. Voila! Your bone is ready to be tied up in a knot.

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6. Let’s uncoil your DNA!

If the entire DNA in your body were uncoiled, it would be able to cover up about 10 billion miles, which is Earth to Pluto and back. Just Imagine!

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7. It’s colourful everywhere!

Never underestimate the power of your eyes as they can differentiate between 2.3 to 7.5 millions of different colours!

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8. The height of uniqueness!

 Apart from having the unique fingerprint, you have a unique smell and a unique tongue print, too.

Source: The Swaddle

9.  Crocodile’s Tears!

The only species to produce emotional tears are human beings. So, never trust your pets when they make a teary face!

Source: The Cut

10.  You are free to sleep.

 Here is a unique and interesting method of measuring your IQ. The IQ levels are directly proportional to your dreams. Hence, the more you dream, all the more intelligent you are. So, bottom line being- Sleep More. Good Luck!

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