Do the colors Red and Yellow really make you feel Hungry?

It is often noticed that many of the restaurants’ logos are in red and yellow colors. Furthermore, it is said that the restaurants generally use these colors to attract customers as red and yellow cause hunger pangs. Whether the combination of red and yellow makes you hungry is an intriguing question.

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The warm and cool color concept-

A color is categorized as a warm color or a cool color on the basis of its wavelength. The colors having short wavelengths are called cool colors and the colors with a longer wavelength are called warm colors. Hence, red being the utmost warm color.

The Color Psychology-

Facts say that colors have incredible impacts on our moods. As a result, certain color can trigger our emotions and boost our energy. The color red is often regarded as a warm color which makes people feel comfortable and at-home. Red color increases the heart rate and causes excitement and is stimulating. The color yellow conveys warmth and fresh energy.

Color Red Attracts Attention-

This warm color is extremely bright in the eye and is very intense. It is therefore very usually found on romantic cards and street signs so as to attract people very quickly.

Use of Red and Yellow in the Food Industry

According to a study report in the Journal of Management Decision, 60% -90% of people make snap decisions only based on the colors they see.

Nachos, French fries, mustard sauce, pizza base. Likewise, cheese and buns are yellows and ketchup and sauces are reds. So, it is said that food companies started using these colors based on the good experiences that large companies like the KFC and Mc Donald’s had.

Above all, the colors red and yellow when combined cause excitement and are believed to induce our metabolism and make us hungry easier and faster. Some surveys found out that people picked up chips and biscuit packets with red and yellow colors more than the others.

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The argument-

No doubt the food companies indiscriminately use these colors to trap us in, but do you really want to spend money always on seeing the restaurant with a red and yellow combination logo? Well, the color psychology may be just one factor. Moreover, it is possible that our behavior is linked to the experiences undergone by some successful brands like KFC, Subway, Mc Donald’s, Burger King and Pizza Hut.

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Probably this is one of the reasons why you want to stop and grab a Mc Burger every time you see Mc Donald’s.

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  1. Wow this is an interesting article. This concept put forth by you is quite innovative as we hardly notice that the world’s biggest food joints have their logos printed in yellow and red.
    Also, the article is very well written 🙂

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