Different Live Roulette Variants At Online Casino

The roulette wheel is not a game that is alien to Players. It is one of the most renowned casino games ever. This game was named, or better still took its name from a French word that means “little wheel”. Must be because the idea of the game is on a wheel that whirls round and round – discover more.

Live games have become very popular amongst players, and Live Roulette is one of the commonly played online casino games. Its live game has different types that can otherwise be called Variants for roulette. Are you excited to know about the different Variants of live Roulette casino games? Then keep scrolling.

Variants of Live Roulette

Just as we have mentioned, there are different types (or variants) of live roulettes. In the few sentences, you will see them one by one. Note that these are actual Roulette Variants. Roulette is a big game of cards, and live variants mean that they can be played with a real dealer or dealers. As much as there are numerous variants, we will be looking at these most important ones. 

1. European Live Roulette 

2. American Live Roulette

3. French Live Roulette

4. High Definition Live Roulette

5. Live Speed Roulette

6. Live Double Ball Roulette

7. Native Language Live Roulette

8. Live Roulette with Side Bets

9. Live Roulette with Multipliers

10. En Prison Live Roulette

Considering The Big 3 Live Roulette casino games

European Roulette: European Roulette is the most popular and most played variant. It consists of 36 numbers and zero with an RTP of 97.3%. The game can be found on all online casinos, and there’s not much difference between them other than the interface of the games. 

American Roulette: Next in line is the American Live Roulette, it’s almost the same as an ER, but an added zero makes the distinction. American Roulette has 36 numbers and double zeros. Confusing much? It is usually said that if you’re afraid of losing big, you should avoid American Live Roulette. The game’s RTP is 94.74%, lower than European Roulette. 

French Live Roulette: Because it’s French based, it has a different interface, and that is the original interface that the Roulette game itself started with. As old as that, you’ll get half of your stake back should your ball land on a zero. This is called the La Partage Rule, helping French Roulette to climb an RTP of 98.5%. 

How You Can Avoid Mistakes at Live Roulette Games

Mistakes can be expensive; they can discourage you also. Mistakes can limit your chances of winning and of getting it right. These are five tips to avoiding Mistakes at Live Roulette games. 

  • Understand how Live Roulette works. 
  • Avoid American Roulette on your first try
  • Find a strategy that works for you
  • Select a wise and reasonable wager
  • Pick your spec


Live Roulette games are an interesting online casino game, especially with its variants. You are not stuck on only one type of game, and you can play anyone you want. We have given you a list of live roulette variants you can find on online casinos. The tips on avoiding mistakes will simply help you get it right.

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