10 Delightful Valentine’s Souvenir Ideas

Is suddenly the scent of flowers, the brightness of the rainbow, the velocity of wind, the burble of the river has come to your mind when you saw the exotic word “valentine”?

Are you smiling when someone else smiles? Are you thinking about someone who is not physically around you? Are you feeling sad when someone else is in grief? Are you happy even when you lose in arguments with someone? If all the above answers are yes, then you are in love and he/she can be your valentine.

A relationship can be cherished for a long time with love and gifts. Gifts are not a necessity for a healthy relationship, instead, they are a way to express feelings without words. Then, let’s have something special for your special one!

10 Delightful Valentine’s Souvenir Ideas

1. Appealing Musical Cards

Old is gold, they say. Greetings cards might be an old way to express love, however, it is still efficient to convey the exact feelings of your heart. And that’s why innovation in greeting cards has brought beautiful singing greeting cards. These musical cards are so melodious that they can easily please your valentine.

2. Delightful Home Decor

Elegant showpieces, electronic photo frames, tickling clocks, and revolving lamps are some of the lovely gifts for your valentine. When we start to live for someone else before ourselves, that’s a form of love.
When we love someone to the end of the world, we might fear losing them. We fear not to get the love back from them. We fear losing ourselves. So, let’s give something pleasant to them.

3. Scented Flowers

When we look at a flower, we admire its colour and its aroma instead of plucking it and ruining its beauty, that’s what love is. Accepting someone as they are, admiring them, and protecting them even at the cost of our selfish desires. This is the feeling conveyed whenever flowers are gifted to your valentine.

4. Custom Gifts

Printed cushions, engraved pens, customized keychains, printed wooden plates, and customized glasses create a very special aura when gifted wholeheartedly. Something specially designed only for your valentine. It’s like the pure flame of fire that arises only to provide warmth in winters. It never gives you scars, instead, it gives warmth exactly what your soul needs.

5. Luxury Watches

Watches are a charming way of conveying an elegant message. Whatever be the time, how harsh the situation may be, remember there is always a good time after a bad time. Even the hardest of times give us lessons in life.

6. Transparent Message Bottles

A mini-glass bottle containing intimate messages, and colourful strips filled with love, is a charming valentine’s gift these days. These mini versions of love are filled with many beautiful messages of every aesthetic feeling for your valentine. These tiny cuties can shower a cloud of feelings over the head of your valentine.

7. Yummy Chocolates

Beginning a cherished relationship with sweetness everywhere is an auspicious effort to make. Chocolates, chocolate boxes, and chocolate baskets are the most loved valentine’s gifts.

8. Cherished Memories Video

You can create a video with all the pictures of the times you spent together and play him/her a beautiful song along in the background. Whether it was a hard time or a romantic one, it will signify how many ups and downs both you faced but never lost hope. The inspiration was the love and bond both of you have. It can melt your valentine to the deepest.

9. Wind Chimes

Imagine a soothing night with a cold breeze and the light tinkling of wind chimes from the window. It’s like a slow, peaceful, romantic rhythm that nature showers. Every now and then, it helps to soothe and focus the mind. So whenever, they will hear its sound, it will remind them of you.

10. Time & Yourself

Life is a field of work, responsibilities, duties, lessons, rights, troubles, and achievements. Among all this, we forgot the most precious thing: life itself. Life is also about love and memories. So never forget to make your partner feel alive in this messy world. Spend as much time as you can, express what you feel, confess what you think, and make millions of memories with him/her.

Love is a pure, spiritual, and aesthetic feeling in which until you do not jump, you can’t learn to swim. Unless you give, you can’t receive. Until you make your souls together, you can’t even feel yours.

Similarly, soft toys, jewellery, trinket boxes, gift hampers, mugs, and sippers are some more valentine gifts to admire your valentine. So, maintain the spark in your relationship with these cute, adorable gifts.

Darsh Patel

Darsh Patel an Indian writer Living in Mumbai. Started this blog in 2017. I am the owner of this and many other blogs.

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