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COVID19 Has Changed the Way We Travel in These 5 Ways

COVID 19 has undoubtedly put a mark on travel, but that doesn’t mean that people are not traveling anymore. Companies and service providers associated with the travel industry have gradually started to work at their own pace. They are ensuring that all necessary precautions are being followed. 

As they are keeping their part of the bargain, you should ensure personal safety too. One way to do that is by opting for travel insurance.  It is your most important possession whenever you travel for the seeming future. 

Especially while traveling abroad, keep things handy like all your essential documents, appropriate clothing, international travel insurance, and others. It is the needed prevention for unexpected mishaps.

A few things have doubtlessly changed, and we need to know them and act accordingly to travel in a better and safer way.

Travel Insurance has Become Unavoidable

Though travel insurance was an essential thing to be taken care of earlier, it has become a mandate post-pandemic. If you’re traveling without it, you’re putting a lot of things at risk. A travel insurance plan covers most of the uncertainties that may arise during your journey. Since the pandemic is continuing, many insurance providers have included clauses related to Coronavirus. 

Travel insurance generally covers:

  1. Compensation in case you lose your passport or baggage
  2. Medical assistance if any emergency arises
  3. Compensation in case of cancellation or any delay in your trip
  4. Bounced flights or hotel bookings
  5. Accidental death
  6. Medical expenses related to Coronavirus depending on the type of policy you sign up for

Significant Changes in the Aviation Industry 

The aviation industry is facing significant challenges. With all the limited resources in their hands, they are trying to serve their customers well. With the increase in the number of cases, they need to ramp up the number of health screenings without any fail. 

With the limited number of flights taking off and limited staff, they need to balance safety and profit margins. They need to rethink everything, from security lines to baggage carousels, to maintain adequate physical distance and hygiene.

Need to Carry Essential Documents

The current situation requires you to carry some additional documents apart from the general documents. You should carry your tickets, accommodation details, visa, and passport at all times when in an unknown land. Due to the increasing vulnerability to the disease, it’s important to have all the necessary medical documents and prescriptions you might need during your journey.

Heightened Health and Hygiene Concerns

Wherever you’ll go, you will indeed observe health and hygiene precautions being taken more than ever. Most sellers and service providers are trying their best to maintain hygiene by taking all the necessary safety measures. 

Pre-Booking Mandate

Everything has slowly started functioning and getting back on track. But there are still a few things and places that are not yet fully functional for safety purposes. Therefore, it is better to research and get all your bookings done in advance so that you can have a hassle-free trip. 

Make Travelling Easy by Carrying All Essentials

Having experienced this pandemic, we all know that travel is not a right but a privilege. Due to the global pandemic, everyone had to helplessly wait to travel again, which may be for any reason. As the travel industry rebounds, reputable insurance companies like Tata AIG have made changes in their travel insurance plans to include Coronavirus. To support and encourage people, they also provide maximum coverage to travel without any worries. So, add travel insurance to your list and all other essentials while planning your trip.

Plan to make your trip memorable and safe!

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