These Colourful Beaches Promise The Most Vibrant Beach Vacation

TIP TAP TOE. Which color do you want?
Red, Orange or Pink!

Today where the world demands you to be different from the rest.

Why compromise your life with those clichéd white sand beaches and palm trees; when beaches come in a rainbow of colors with sands ranging from midnight black to pastel pink. Yes, not all sandy beaches are white.

While you are wondering where these sands get their unique color from; the rocks and cliffs surrounding the beach, gradually weather due to natural forces and get deposited in the sand.

Check out some of the most scintillating beaches around the globe:

Midnight Black

Vik Beach, Iceland – located in the wettest place in Iceland, Vik, this beach is one of the top non-tropical beaches on Earth. The dark color of the sand has risen from ashes of the 18 erupted volcanoes (from the 130 eruptions in Iceland). The beach gives a highly dramatic environment with hidden caves, rivers flowing through lava rock and its chromatic black sand.

Wonder how can black always be that good?

Glowing Red

Kaihalulu Beach, Hawaii – This isolated beach is a hidden gem of the Island of Maui in Hawaii. The beach has a lovely reddish shore because of the high iron content in the rock and sand. Furthermore, the unmatched beauty of the red sand beach manages to provide one of the best places for snorkeling and sunbathing

glowing red
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Vivid Violet

Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California – This beach located in the USA, features shades of magenta, lilac, and purple. The beach has beautiful patches of Amethyst tinted sand which get it hue from quartz and manganese garnet that washes down from nearby hills. The violet color is visible usually after a storm or rain. The incredible scenery which includes pine forests, picturesque stone arch and sunset is a favorite amongst locals and photographers.

vivid violet
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Flawless White

Hyam Beach, Austrailia -The beach holding its name in the Guinness Book of World Book of Records for the whitest sand in the world lies 120 miles south of Sydney. The soft and beautiful white sand is a derivative of the tiny quartz particles. Crystal clear turquoise waters offer legendary opportunities for diving, sailing, surfing, and snorkeling.

Pastel pink

Harbor Island, Bahamas – A three miles stretch of rosy pink sand and gentle waters is a treat to swimmers and pink lovers. A mixture of calcium carbonate, bits of broken shells, corals, and tiny pink shelled marine organisms known as Foraminifera from the blushy pink sand of these beaches. The glorious sunrise and sunset, placid waters, elegant resorts and an array of marine wildlife will not let you leave this place without a smile.

pastel pink beach
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Grassy Olive Green

Papakolea, Hawaii -A secluded beautiful green sand beach, it is located on the southern tip of Hawaii’s big island. From afar it may seem like a beach covered with moss rather the Olive green crystals from surrounding 49,000-year-old Pu’u Mahana cinder cone of Mahana Bay give the sand its unique color. The jaw-dropping backdrop of cliffs and boulders makes the beach look almost unreal and an alluring sight to experience.

grassy olive green beach
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Fiery Orange

Tamla Bay, Gozo –With bright orange colored sand and wild nature this pristine beach is located on the fertile island of Gozo. Malta is famous for its soft golden-reddish sand thanks to the high iron content. Surrounded by the stunning dunes the beach is famous amongst travelers visiting the Roman ruins in nearby Calypso Cave.

fiery orange beach
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Rainbow Beach

Queensland, Austrailia – is a treat to the eyes with 72 different hues in the sand all at once. The legend says that the sands are the result of the rainbow spirit falling onto the large cliffs near the beach after losing a battle, but the color of the splendid beach is due to a combination of erosion and iron oxide that has been occurring since ages. The Beach offers an idyllic getaway for beach goers, campers, and nature lovers.

rainbow beach
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Reaching these wonderful beaches is not easy but, wouldn’t it be worth it to leave your footprints in one of the most colorful beaches of the world?

After all, some dreams are made of Sun and Sand and “Everyone needs Vitamin Sea.”

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