How Do Color Preferences Reveal Your Personality?

Following the previous set of colors, these are some more colors. Help yourself through them and see what they speak about your character.


purple color
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People who are drawn to purple are quite sensitive, compassionate, understanding, generous, supportive, and a free spirit. Also, they have a peaceful and tranquil nature. With a creative mind, they can often be impractical, visionary and dreamer. Others are usually drawn to their charismatic and alluring energy. Sometimes, they can appear to be arrogant, selfish and self-indulgent.

On the other hand, people who dislike purple are born realistic and great critics. They may even find it difficult to express their creativity.


If you are a grey-lover, you are neutral about life. You are a good critique, who will often compromise to keep balance and stability in your life. Moreover, you are a cool, composed, conserved, and reliable person, who is independent. However, you lack creativity and imagination. Finally, emotion, attachment, being decisive and confident is not your virtue.

However, if you do not like grey, you dislike neutrality and routines. You are confident and resolute.


People with pink as their favourite are naïve, loving, kind, generous, sensitive, friendly, warm, and approachable. Also, they love to nurture the world and are romantics. With an optimistic and positive outlook on life, they are often reserved and refined. They just need to be more self-reliant and learn to love themselves before anything else.

People who dislike pink generally crave more excitement and action in life. They are usually not the compassionate and nurturing type people.


black color
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You are part moody and part sophisticated, you are a person with black as your favourite. Prestige and power are two significant things to you. Being independent, strong-willed, and determined are some of your strong points. But you also may be conservative, conventional, as well as a person who suppresses his/her desires and aspirations.

If you are a person who dislikes black, you may be easy going and have a light-heart. You are more practical and down-to-earth. Also, you have an extroverted and optimistic outlook on life.

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White colour embraces innocence. If you are a white lover, you prefer cleanliness and hygiene. With a positive and optimistic nature, you are a sensible, discreet, and wise person. Further, you are cautious, practical and careful with spending money. Also, you are not prone to an impulsive behaviour and hence have self-control. You tend to hide your flaws to give an impression of perfection. To conclude, you are a confident, self-sufficient, and innocent person.

On the other hand, if you dislike white, you are an easy going, spontaneous, and impulsive person.


brown color
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People with brown as their favourite are reliable, direct, honest, down-to-earth, and steady. Also, they are friendly, approachable, genuine, and sincere. Being hardworking is one of their many strengths. In short, they are simple, comfortable and confident.

However, people who dislike brown are more outgoing, dreamers, witty, impulsive, generous, simple and practical.


If yellow is your colour, you tend to be quite critical of yourself, being a perfectionist. You are creative, spontaneous, and selective. Being an idealist and optimist, you are a cheerful person. You can also appear to be arrogant, pretentious, deceitful, and stubborn. Moreover, you have a modern outlook and adjust well with newly designed gizmos.

However, if you are a person who dislikes yellow, you are more practical, down-to-earth, sceptical of new ideas. Also, you are not impulsive and spontaneous.

I’m sure you had a moment of “OMG! That’s totally me!”

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