Foodies Must Try Or Atleast Know These Famous Coffees From Around The World

Coffee is more than just a mixture of milk, beans, water, and sugar.

It is an essence, a feeling. It is love!

While some judge a café’s food by the taste of their best coffee, others cannot start and end their day without one.

Coffee is a universal beverage found all around the world and so are coffee lovers.

While most of them have a special corner for an espresso, latte, or cappuccino, you are not a coffee enthusiast if you don’t know these unconventional types of coffees from around the world.

Yes, around the world coffee is brewed differently and sometimes unconventionally to bring out a different taste.

Here are some of the countries where people like their coffee a bit different than usual.

Check out some amazing coffees from around the world:

1. Turkish Coffee

You must have heard of Turkish coffee and its sophistication.

Turkish coffee is prepared with finely ground coffee beans. And they are prepared unfiltered, which means the particles are grounded at the bottom in your cup.

This is prepared in a brass pot and served hot with the grounds which makes it interesting.

2. Irish Coffee

Irish coffee has an unusual but really good combination of ingredients. The coffee contains hot coffee, a bit of Irish whiskey, and sugar. It is later topped with ice cream which makes it far more appealing.

3. Vietnamese Egg Coffee

Egg coffee consists of egg yolk, a bit of hot coffee, condensed milk, and sugar, which makes it very high in protein. Egg Coffee is also a substitute for dessert in Vietnam. Yes, at times as it is sweet, but it is a good dose for health.

4. Vietnam- Cà phê đá

Vietnam is also famous for a different kind of coffee, and this difference lies in the way they brew it. Cà phê đá is brewed through a French drip filter, wherein roasted coarse coffee beans are put into a vessel full of milk and ice. This iced coffee is special as it is sweet and strong at the same time.

5. Italian Coffee

One of the most famous coffees in the world, Italians have a special way of preparing their coffee.

One of the reasons why people around the world prefer lemon iced tea is because lemon enhances the taste of coffee making you want more.

Maybe this is why Italians are said to know their coffee’; as they serve hot coffee with the lemon slice spreading lime over the rim of the cup. This gives a very special experience of coffee as you taste lime with every sip.

6. Finnish Coffee – Kaffeost

This is by far the most strange combination of coffee, but interesting either ways. In Finland, the beverage is prepared by mixing hot coffee with cheese curds.

There are several other countries which make their own coffee by mixing spices for the taste like guinea pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves.

Even though everyone has their own way of preparing coffee, a good list of such countries gives us all the more reason to travel across continents just to try these out!

And, now that you are much more enlightened about coffee, here is a fun fact to add to your knowledge and love for coffee.

Kopi Luwak is by far the most expensive coffee. It comes from the fecal matter of civet, which is a species of a cat!

It was sold at the rate of $100 to $600 per pound in 2010 and the special Vietnamese Weasel Coffee is sold at $3000 per kilogram!

Which is your favourite coffee? Have you tried any of the coffees from around the world? Let us know your views, reviews and opinions in comments below!

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