How Clothes You Wear Actually Change the Way You Perform

Being a woman in a world of business and entrepreneurship is never easy. Aside from balancing house chores and family duties, women are also dealing with various obstacles in what is still (or used to be, until recently) a man’s world. As a woman, you’re expected to be perfectly made up, to smile and work twice as hard as your male colleagues. Still, if you’re determined and professional, you can aim for the stars literally, and what you wear can immensely help you on the way to success.

Here are some tips on how your clothes can impact the way you work:

1. Heels may make you look more elegant


Ah, the heels. Is there anything else that can make women swoon and suffer at the same time (aside from men)? They can be painful, but also bring you incredible joy because only women truly know that rush of excitement when seeing that perfect pair of pumps in the shop window. Of course, being professional doesn’t mean you have to wear heels all the time, but if you do, you already know how they can change the way you walk and feel about yourself while you wear them. A good pair of stilettos make you seem taller and more confident, improve your posture and make your butt stand out. If you’re not a fan, whether because they’re too uncomfortable or you simply can’t walk in them, you can choose chunky heels or platforms.

2. Business attire will make you feel more professional

woman business suit

An elegant business suit seems to be a default when it comes to dressing for work, especially if you work in a bank or a law firm. Even if you prefer more casual outfits, have you noticed that, while wearing a suit, you tend to feel slightly different, more serious and professional? That doesn’t mean that your experience and qualifications don’t matter, but having a perfectly tailored blazer can give you a necessary boost of confidence, especially if you happen to feel low, for whatever reason. In case you prefer a more informal style, you can always experiment with different patterns and colours, until you find something that works for you. No matter where you work, there’s a certain level of professionalism that is expected, so if you can’t wear what you really like, at least try to incorporate some details into what’s considered acceptable business attire.

3. Underwear matters, too

woman in elegant underwear

Some might say that what we wear underneath doesn’t have to impact the way we feel and perform at work, but every woman has different pieces of undergarments for different occasions. If you’re going to spend a whole day at work, you shouldn’t wear uncomfortable but sexy g-string that is reserved for some fun time outside of the office. Likewise, those ugly but comfortable panties that you wear during the period days shouldn’t be worn underneath the elegant trousers under any circumstances. That’s why it’s important to find the balance and choose women’s underwear that is comfortable without leaving any visible lines under clothing. You should never sacrifice your own comfort for the sake of looking great, and that should be applied to cheeky underwear, as well. Another thing you want to consider is staying clean while remaining durable, so consider buying underwear with antimicrobial technology.

Every day is a battle, and being prepared means always wearing the best you have in your closet. However, it’s important to make a distinction between different occasions and how to dress for each one. If you’re going to spend your whole day behind your desk, then you should consider wearing something less demanding, but if you have an important business meeting in your schedule, then wearing a well-tailored suit with your best pair of heels is a must. Looking presentable and confident is the key when you have to negotiate business in your favor. Your clothes do influence your behavior to a degree, so before an important business event, be sure to wear something elegant that will also make you stand out and speak your mind.

5. Clothes can improve your mood

woman smiling

Being in the business environment almost always requires wearing plainly colored clothes, with very little details to spice things up. Neutral colors tend to be favored among the business people, and if you prefer bold and bright colors, you might find wearing only beige, white, black, white and grey a little daunting if not downright depressing. Wearing certain colors can definitely affect the way you feel and behave. Well, the good news is that you can always add a floral neck scarf,  a statement ring, a necklace with a pendant that you love or your favorite earrings. There are many ways to infuse your personality into a boring business outfit. Also, buy yourself a brightly colored winter coat to wear it from and to work. Keep in mind that being a busy professional doesn’t mean you have to look like everybody else!

So, clothes can sometimes make or break a person. No matter what they say, what you wear can determine how you feel and perform at your job. But always remember that your passion, fairness, and kindness will always shine through, despite the way you dress. Still, being a girl boss entrepreneur or working in a company entails dressing a certain way, and sometimes, it is necessary to compromise in order to achieve your goals, because if you don’t, those glass ceilings will remain unshattered and that would be a shame.

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