Classic Kurtas to buy for different occasions: A guide for men

Festivities are always an occasion to meet your loved ones, but also an event to flaunt your best style. Festivities give a breather from the cliched jeans, T-shirts, and shirts and pants because you get to take your kurta for men, which has been sitting in the wardrobe for too long. 

This festive season, shop for the best kurta for men and style in the best possible ways. If you want to upgrade your ethnic fashion, we bring to you a list of trendy men’s kurtas that you must buy.

1. Look suave in a sherwani kurta:

If it is your cousin or BFF’s wedding, ooze luxurious royal vibes in a sherwani because that’s what a best man should wear. The thick fabric of the sherwani and the heavy embroidery all over it will give you a rich look, suitable for the wedding. You can style it with a turban for a cliched wedding look or a classic stole for a flamboyant style. Don’t forget to wear your Jodhpuri shoes with this look.

2. Be simple in a chikankari kurta:

This is the most underrated but also the most classic look you can pull off for festivities. A chikankari kurta in pastel shades is perfect for the pre-wedding festivities such as mehendi or haldi. If you want to dazzle your way through the shenanigans, you can opt for the one with shimmer all over it. Wide-legged cotton pants, Patiala or your favourite pair of jeans are the perfect bottoms to be paired with.

3. Go for a brighter look in a neon kurta:

Outdoor summer weddings call for you to showcase your brighter style and what is brighter than neon colours? A simple neon kurta without any prints and embroidery is a summer staple, which you can pair with white pants. This unorthodox sartorial choice will look great in plush fabric such as linen or khadi. You can wear your classic Kolhapuri chappals to carry off this look.

4. Define fashion in asymmetrical kurta:

Add a twist to your traditional style in a button-down kurta with an asymmetrical hem. This ultra-stylish look will give your traditional style a modern twist. You can accessorize your kurta with a brooch to amp up your look. A jewel-toned kurta set is perhaps just what you need for a cocktail party after the wedding.

5. Look ravishing in an all-white look:

If you’re brave, go for an all-white kurta and pyjama look. This is the staple look for a summer or spring event. You can wear ankle-length tapered white trousers and for contrast, you can wear pastel-hued footwear. A pair of aviators or wayfarers is a stylish touch to add to this traditional look. You can even accessorize with a gold accent pocket square or a watch for that bit of glamour to your otherwise simple look. 

Give your ethnic fashion a much-needed quirky yet trendy twist by styling your kurtas in different ways to suit the occasion. Remember, a well-fitted kurta will earn you brownie points, especially if you’re the best man at the wedding.

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