This Is How Cigarette Molecules Give Away Your Secret Smoking Habits

It doesn’t matter if you an occasional or a habitual user, cigarette molecules stay much longer in your body than you can ever imagine.

That is why it is easy to track whether you smoke or not.

There are various tests which can be done to find this out, and many people go through it depending upon the requirement.

The kick which gets in with the first puff can lose for an hour or two, which is the maximum; but the cigarette molecules won’t let you go so easily…

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For how long can cigarette molecules be detected?

If you take water-soluble drugs, it is possible to eliminate it with increased fluid intake and urination; but if the cigarette has THC as the active component, then it remains in the fat cells for a longer period, more than normal!

Stopping that cigarette doesn’t mean that the component will go out of your body immediately as the levels of THC might go high and reach the peak moment you stop it. Unlike alcohol, there is no way for THC to get digested by the body soon after the consumption.

It can be easily detected in the urine or blood. THC component can stay in the body for about 100 days after consumption.

How are cigarette molecules detected?

Detecting Cannabis in the body is a cakewalk. A urine test is easiest and preferred ones among all!

There is a typical timeline with which the consumption and its traces in the body depend on which are as follows: –

Occasional smokers

  • They can be a bit relaxed as the cannabis can stay in your body for about 1-3 days.
  • Within a week, you should be on track for the urine test. The test will show negative- as per the current detection methods.

Frequent smokers

  • For the urine test, frequent smokers might show positive reports for at least 7-10 days. Detection becomes quite easy with urine analysis.
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Chronic smokers

  • It is something to worry about for chronic smokers. The cannabis can be detected in the body for minimum 3 months and maximum of 100 days. This means that the urine test will show positive for about 3 months or even more!

Blood tests are also done for the same. But, urine tests are more efficient in such cases!

Now you know that smoking is indeed injurious to health!

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