Are You Aware Of Chromology? The Psychology Of Colours

Psychology has always left us transfixed with its revelations. Until introduced to this science, who’d have ever thought that the color of your favorite packet of chips or that of your office walls are as they are due to a more significant purpose behind them?


Chromology i.e. the psychology of colors a less explored yet well-known branch of study about how our brain perceives colors; used in designing everything right from your food packages to the fancy hotel rooms you check in. Consequently, because various emotions and physical effects are stimulated by multiple colors by our dear majestic brain. Colour perception varies from cultures to circumstances and from person to person.

The colors are a form of non- verbal communication. Though various colors are used widely in the business world, they are not just limited to marketing officials or product designers. It is an important study field for office managers, architect, interior designers gardeners and even chefs.

According to psychologists and researchers, the colors are linked to our personality traits in different ways.

The color we choose for ourselves can also define our chances of success in any area.

Here, a quickie about how some colors play and affect our brain and behavior as a whole:


• Quite apparently, if you’d noticed, all the big and famous food brands like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, and much more use the color red in their logo.
• It is so because this attention-grabbing color can stimulate the cravings for food in humans by increasing the metabolism which in turn increases our appetite.
• The color holds immense power to raise our pulse and heart rate to increase the blood pressure in turn; signifying aggression, energy, passion, and determination.
• Contradictorily enough, Red is also known to convey a sense of love and warmth.

red color
Via- Google


• Many iconic cartoon characters like The Simpsons, Tweety, and Winnie the Pooh are of the color yellow; ever wondered why? Nope, it isn’t cus it’s the cartoonist’s favorite. Yellow is used because as it is the color of optimism, happiness, and fun.
• Our eyes use the maximum amount of chemicals to recognize the color yellow as compared to any other color. Interestingly the highlighters are majorly made in yellow as it tends to increase our span of concentration.
• This shade relating to mind and intellect is actually contrasting, linked to impatience, criticism, and cowardice which can also have a disturbing effect in a few cases.

yellow color
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• You will always feel a sense of calmness taking over you whenever you look at the clear blue sky or water; it is so because blue induces peace and calm within us.

• It slows down our metabolism and provides mental relaxation.
• The most subtle color of all, blue is associated with loyalty and integrity.

blue color



green color
Via- Blogspot

• Everyone escapes from the urban hustle and bustle in the hands of nature (or the color green) for rejuvenation.
• It should be obvious. Hence, the color strikes a balance between the head and the heart.
• Green is the color of nature strongly related to health, growth, self-reliance, and hope.
• Green also denotes possessiveness and envy.
• The color is a peaceful concoction with the optimism of the color yellow and emotional calm of the blue.

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Wear black, you will look thinner” – how often have you heard this around?
But why black, you ask?

•Black is the color that holds a lot of mystery and science that is why it is often used to hide weight or even our fears.
• The symbol of power, control, sophistication, elegance, and confidence.
• It has a negative connotation denoting grief, death, or evil.


• The color of perfection and purity.
• White has a very positive connotation.
• It is associated with goodness, light, and new beginnings.

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