Your Cheat-Sheet to Becoming a Fashionista in 4 Easy Ways

The lights, the runways, the models- this is the image that we all have in our heads when we think of fashion. We like big brand names that make us look fabulous with fancy clothes and accessories. But what if you need a cheaper option for day-to-day outfits? You can’t wear stunning gowns and elegant suits everywhere you go. Here are some simple fashion hacks to make your outfits a bit more chic and fashionable, and you won’t have to shell out big bucks for any of them!

1. Colour

A simple way to make an outfit pop is to play with elements of colour. This can vary in many ways. For contrast, wearing a dark coloured top with light coloured bottoms or the other way around is a sure-fire way to stand out. Generally, aim to have one item be neutral so that the other pops against it. 

If you prefer a different style, monochromatic looks are all the rage right now. Coordinating your entire outfit to be the same colour is a unique look that can make you stand out. Head to toe white makes for a calming, classy look, while all red presents a bolder statement. Whatever your style is, monochromatic looks definitely catch people’s attention and work for almost any environment.

This is a hack that works for everyone regardless of gender, so don’t be afraid to express yourself!

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2. Fitting

One of the most important aspects of fashion is how your clothes fit you. No matter how cheap or expensive they are, a well-tailored garment will always make you seem distinguished. Modify your outfits to fit you comfortably if possible. If you wear heels a lot, ensure that your dress or pants end conveniently above them. This tip is especially crucial for suits- a well-fitting suit not only adds to its aesthetic value but also provides a degree of professionalism.

If you want to draw attention to specific details, you can be clever as to where you position fitting pieces. High waisted jeans and dresses that cinch under the chest are perfect if you want to alter your silhouette. Loose, flowing sleeves will draw more attention to your shoulders, and tight sleeves will accentuate your arms. Adding a belt to a flowing dress can add to a more formal appearance.

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3. Contrast and Similarity

Mixing and matching patterns can make for a unique style. It is pleasing to the eye when you match a loose-fitting garment to a tight-fitting one. This is a general rule of thumb that needn’t necessarily be followed but is good to keep in mind if you want to pre-plan your outfits. Contrast can also work in fabrics and patterns. Denim is a perfect neutral fabric as it almost always matches with anything else.

Of course, the opposite also gives you a unique sense of style. To keep a theme going once again gives you a chic look that makes you look unique. Having a similar fitting or similar fabrics showcases an air of coordination, making you look very well put together. In the end, choose what makes you comfortable.

Contrast and Similarity
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4. Accessories

Sometimes, even simple accessories can add a lot to the look you’re going for. An essential basic to keep in your closet is a jacket that matches with most of the clothes you own. Jackets can be worn in multiple ways- prim and proper, casual, off the shoulder, zipped or buttoned up, or even tied around your waist or across your shoulders. Each style gives a different vibe to your outfit and could potentially be the centrepiece to your look.

Simple jewellery that stands out can also accentuate your features. Even just one statement piece can be enough to draw attention. 

Adding ribbons tied to your bag or your hair can give a bit of flair to your outfit. Wearing other hair accessories that match with your clothes also gives you opportunities to try a different hairstyle.

Your shoes are also essential to a stunning look. A simple pair of black shoes match with almost any outfit, so investing in a nice pair adds a dash of style and class to your outfit.

Finally, a purse or a bag can complete the look. Purses and bags are not only functional but can change the vibe of the entire outfit. Even if your outfit is plain, a bright or big bag can make you stand out amongst the crowd. 

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At the end of the day, think about makes you feel comfortable and apply those tips. The most authentic style is one you feel comfortable in because comfort translates to confidence. 

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