Ever Wondered What Changes In Life After You Are 23

Life is too short and too fast. Ever wondered what changes in life are after 23.

23 is the age when we start entering adulthood. It is the age which is full of emotional and mental imbalance. We have credits cards now, we are done with our degree courses, but there are some left behind things too. It’s the age when you feel all your silly dreams are dissolved and you enter into practical life.

Below are the changes that one undergoes after turning 23.

  • You realise you are more like your parents

life changes 23
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You get the feeling of getting older. It’s because you have stepped out of your dream world and know started knowing what real life is all about. You start thinking of all the situations too wisely.

  • Health: Top-most priority

This is the age when most of you get engaged or married. Hence, now you start to ponder about your looks and physique. You tend to even overthink before eating anything. All you want is to look good once you step out of the house and visit any party or function.

  • Shedding attachments with your school and college buddies

Gone are the days when you promised that we would meet daily and have fun. You get so engrossed and busy in your jobs that you hardly get time to meet your Besties and have fun with them. Working isn’t an excuse anymore.

  • You pretend as if you don’t know what you want

At the age of 23, you do not have to report your parents; you do have school to grade you, and you do not have peers to compare to. Each one is altogether in a different track and field. You get so terribly trapped between the above things that you hated earlier and now that you miss all of those. You don’t know what exactly you want now.

  • Moving to different cities

life changes after 23
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You run for higher studies to study or for others it would be their job demand to work in a different city. We feel proud and highly sophisticated moving away from the house as we did earlier in college times. This time you feel different. There was a time you couldn’t wait to get away from home and now you appreciate it more. You remind self that home is where the heart is.

  • Relationships are complicated

You wish you had a life partner with you at this time. Flirting is something that now you ignore. You feel you are falling in love with someone. It’s because you need that partner to be by your side and hear you out during this challenging transition. Your inner feelings conflict that you cannot share with anyone except your better half.

  • Transitions between internship and career

transitions career
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There are a lot of changes going on between fields, salaries, company, office spaces. You are still finding out what is best for you so that you grow big in near future as everyone around you urges to settle you. But for you, it’s quite unsettling.

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