Every Biker Must Visit To These Places For The Best Bike Trips In India!

Best Bike Trips In India

Ever had plans of getting away from the fast moving city life filled with dust, traffic, and noise and escaping into a world filled with pure air, peace, and serenity?

Ever thought of taking a break from work tension and deadlines to be with yourself or with a few of your closest friends and becoming one with Mother Nature?

India offers you an eclectic choice of getaway spots in North, South, East and West for you to explore and cherish. And it is not just these spots and that are memorable, it is also the road trip to these spots that add on to the ‘wow factor’.

This article is something that every bike lover will relate to and a guide to help travel lovers who are trying to plan a successful bike trip in India with friends!

Pack a few clothes and necessities, plug in your iPod and tune into some AR Rahman melodies to help you sync with the beauty of nature around you!

The top five destinations to hit with a bike are:

Manali to Leh Ladakh

The top rated, yet the most difficult of bike trips in India is the road trip to Leh via Manali! But traveling the treacherous and tricky roads becomes worthwhile once the scenic Himalayas hit the picture!

The entire road trip winds up the rocky, rugged mountains and gives you the typical ‘Sadda Haq’ feels!

The journey starts from Delhi and up to Chandigarh, via which one can reach the Manali valleys. Leh is the final destination.

It takes around 15-16 days to reach Leh. So its 479 km of an adrenaline rush, Buddhist monasteries, fresh air and the music of your bike engine!

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Silk Route – Gangtok

This ancient road winds up to give you a whole new perspective of the majestic mountains.

The journey shows you the beautiful Tukla Valley; the paradise located 12,500 feet above sea level and gives you the best viewpoint of the Mt. Kunchenjhunga.

The crystal blue Kupup Lake not only serves to quench the thirst of travelers but is also a great feast to the eyes. But the scenic beauty does not end there.

The Nathula pass on the Indo-Chinese border is the cherry pick amongst all the places in the northeast. All these places can be covered in about 4-5 days from Gangtok.

But if one is very interested, further digress into the northeast will be welcomed by the abode where the clouds meet the waterfall, in Meghalaya. Dear reader, have you started packing?

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Rann of Kutch

It guarantees worthwhile experience, riding down the sun-kissed white sand deserts of the Kutch.

The night at the desert is an ocean of stars and that is what defines the beauty of this specific western getaway spot.

The trip’s starting point is preferably Mumbai and this 4-day tour package has a lot of scenic spots like the Harappa civilization of Dholavira, the Grand Laxmi Vilas Palace whose grandness remains unbeatable, Viragam which boasts windmills on both sides of the road and lots more.

Camping under the stars with Maggi and best friends! Could it be more awesome?

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Pollachi – Chalakudi

The green is at the peak of prosperity in this part of South India. Pollachi is very close to the Tamil Nadu – Kerala border and the ride gets you into one of Kerala’s most beautiful places.

On the way, a little detour can take you to the majestic Athirapalli falls which will leave you awestruck! Further in, one can also reach Cochin; the Queen of the Arabian Sea.

It is better to travel during the May end – June beginning time, right before the heavy monsoons but right in time for the picture perfect weather for riding.

Green scenery, yellow bananas, and black Malabar tea are things to be enjoyed on this road trip.

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Chennai – Pondicherry

This is one of the shortest of the long rides, but awesome things do come in small packages, right?

Chennai, the safest city of India has some of the best roads and the travel to Pondicherry is peaceful and has a beautiful touch of urbanization in its own way.

Pondicherry is the place where you can get your spirits up high and get the spirit to get you high! This look-alike France is a place loved by all and is also a most sought place in search of philosophical peace.

The journey spans up to a 3 Hr 30 minutes and is the shortest out of all the 5 trips mentioned. Nevertheless, all 5 are equally beautiful in their own way!

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But this is not all! India is way too beautiful, vast, and dynamic to be fit into one article! These are some of the top rated places by bikers for bike trips in India.

Considering how the summer season for riding is up and close, readers start planning bike trips in India, to any of these places as soon as possible!

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