Best Techniques To Prepare Your Pre-schooler For Their First Day Of School

The first day at school is nerve-racking for children and parents. In many cases, this is the first time you will have been separated from them for any length of time. Having separation anxiety and other concerns is understandable but it won’t help you or your child deal with the first day.

You need a concrete plan.

Choose The Pre-school

The first step is to look around the available pre-schools with your child. Make sure you do this several months before they need to start. It will allow you to see how your child reacts to each establishment. You’ll find that ones like this early learning Croydon have very friendly and professional staff. It helps you and your child relax.

Of course, they also offer a great pre-school experience which will keep your child happy while they attend.

Have A Trial

Most early learning centres will be happy to take your child for a couple of hours or a morning or afternoon session. This makes it easier to leave them as it isn’t for long.

Your child will quickly learn that you always come back to get them, eliminating most of their concerns. 

Talk To Your Child

Before the first official day arrives you need to chat with your child. Explain to them why pre-school is a good idea, why they need to go, and what it will help them with. Then, let your child talk and raise any concerns they have. It’s essential that you listen during this part and then respond to their concerns. You may not have all the answers but- you can find ways to work on the issues together.

Your child will feel respected and it will improve their confidence to deal with their first day.

Get Up Early

On the first day, you don’t want to feel rushed. That means you need to get up earlier than normal and make sure your child, and you, have plenty of time to get ready. Create a checklist of things to do, such as breakfast, brushing your teeth, and what items are needed in their child can follow this checklist and even verify the contents of their bag themselves.

This approach helps to put both of you in the right frame of mind.

Say Goodbye

You don’t want a fuss at the entrance to pre-school. Instead, say your goodbyes and give cuddles/kisses either in the car or at home if you’re walking them to pre-school.

This reduces the pressure at the door to pre-school and allows you both to focus on what you need to do. It also becomes a good habit as they progress through school and don’t want you waiting at the school gates. 

Make It A celebration

Finally, remember that this is a celebration, a milestone they have reached. Make sure they know this and even prepare a special meal or cake for after their first day. It helps them to appreciate what they are achieving rather than worrying about the change.

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