Bathroom Ideas to Inspire your Next Renovation

The latest bathroom trends for 2021 are here! The bathroom is a place of relaxation and refreshment, but that doesn’t mean you should be bored by the same old fixtures. We have compiled some awesome design trends to keep your space looking fresh in 2021!

As we explore new ways for incorporating natural elements into bathrooms; from fluted finishes to forest green, these are just one example of how people are making their spaces feel more at home with an aesthetic flair. And while following – and applying – any trend isn’t a guarantee that it’ll stand the test of time, our range features selections elegant enough do so beautifully without question.

Fluted Finishes

Bathrooms are a visual and tactile delight with ribbed surfaces giving a cool twist. It is great to see that reeded finishes have taken the limelight in interior design, which are reminiscent of Art Deco glamour! Fluting has been reinvented as well by delicately ribbing bathroom vanities and cabinets for subtle interest. Shower doors offer instant privacy without sacrificing light through decorative vertically grooved glass which look like they could be from an ancient palace far away.

Warm Earth

Warm shades are your best bet for a cozy bathroom scheme. Try using earthy colors like terracotta, rust, caramel and biscuit to warm up the place. Choose tiles with tactile finishes that will contrast nicely against black taps or basin sinks if you want more definition in the space. A contemporary bathroom sink by Kraus USA will be an ideal fit. Untreated timber is also perfect. Try incorporating it into your design by echoing its natural warmth while still maintaining an overall neutral palette of blacks and greys throughout as well!

Blended Schemes

Bathrooms are getting less boring, and people seem to be more confident about going bold in them nowadays.  Next year is all about bringing the outside into bathrooms with biophilia like intricate murals or fusing vintage pieces together with modernity for a stunning installation that would make any bathroom chic. Victorian-style roll top baths will remain key components of this trend but they’ll be blended harmoniously between sleek alcoves, bright tiles, and some latest tech too!

Minimalist Mood

It’s not just clean and white anymore. The way people decorate their bathrooms these days is pretty different from the past. You won’t find any clutter today, thanks to minimalism being in style! Bathrooms are more open now than they used to be because of all this simplicity. You’ll notice that pedestal sinks or wall mounted ones have replaced big furniture pieces like vanities. There will also be simple patterns at most instead of anything with a lot going on. People are making it as clear as possible by eliminating things such as shower curtains and opting for reflective surfaces so your bathroom feels bigger without feeling cluttered either!

Botanical Walls

Put all your effort into the smallest space in your home to create a large, bold impact. Don’t let the rainy climate stop you from bringing some tropical fun into your house with bright colors and lush leaves! Add quirky details for an extra bit of character!

Luxe Lighting

If you want to make a statement in your home, don’t be scared of going big. You can always scale down if it’s too much for you. But with larger lights like chandeliers or floor lamps coming back into style, who knows what the future holds!

Forever Green

Green is one of the most popular colors in this day and age. It’s refreshing, soothing to look at, and also soothes your eyes when you’re looking for it. This color can be used as a link with nature too- green cabinetry or plants are perfect examples! You’ll find amazing variety in eye catching tiles, furniture and bathroom ceramics that come only in greens!

Smart Measures

Home automation is no longer a sci-fi thing of the future – it’s here, right now and could be just what you need. With integrated charging ports and USB connections in your bathroom mirror, LED temperature displays that help you out with self-care routines like washing hands before eating or drinking after using the toilet; smart technology offers convenience as well as intelligent functionality to make your life easier.

Cocoon Room

The future for bathrooms is looking a lot more like the idea of home spas. That’s because in 2020, people have time to enjoy their bathroom and really use it as an oasis from all that they’re doing outside the room. It doesn’t stop at scented candles or luxury fittings either. There are so many ways you can create your private spa retreat within these four walls! 

If one needs to find a way to take care of themselves, they should consider cocooning. This is the act of surrounding oneself with experiences that make them pause and appreciate life such as lighting up a scented candle or covering their body in soft robes after taking an amazing shower. For those who need more luxurious indulgence there are many fitting services like massage showers, state-of-the art steam rooms, hydrotherapy baths and saunas which offer spa treatments for all your senses!

Luxurious Cleansing

Creating a seamless space to ensure more satisfying usage is the key in fulfilling our needs over the next 12 months. As homeowners, we have the habit to use the bathrooms at least twice every day, and as per reports women spend an average of 29 minutes here each day. So, it’s become essential for bathroom designs to deliver spa-like atmospheres where people can linger longer if they want – which many do!

When designing a new bathroom, the importance of incorporating nature into every aspect is important. This includes biophilic design which incorporates patterns and natural materials so that your bathroom feels like home with fresh air from outside coming in through windows or doors for an extra touch of relaxation.

You deserve the most luxurious shower possible that’s why there is a range of indulgent showers for you to enjoy in your home. Water flow and its connection with our overall wellbeing has never been easier. 

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