Here Are Some Simple Tips And Tricks To Bake The Perfect Cake!

Bake The Perfect Cake

Baking to me is a form of art. And if you ask me honestly, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

It takes a whole lot of patience and some precision to get the most impeccable cake.

Just when you glance over that perfectly baked golden cake, you can’t help but drool over it.

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How To Bake The Perfect Cake? Just Follow These Simple Tips!

Well, visually it looks evenly cooked all over with a golden brown tinge, but without any scorched corners. When you press the top, it springs back slightly.

And when you cut it, it has a nice and airy sponge-like texture. Such a cake is moist and light, as opposed to dry and dense on the palate.

But, how to bake the perfect cake?

With these tips & tricks, you can have your own flawless cake!

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Let’s begin with the ingredients:

If you want to know how to bake the perfect cake, the first and foremost rule to keep in mind is to make sure all ingredients are at room temperature and not straight out of the refrigerator.

Using cold ingredients could make your batter curdled, or it may give you a clumpy batter, resulting in a dense cake.

Secondly, measure everything to the T., Unlike your regular cooking, baking is all about precision. You can’t just throw in ingredients to taste and hope to get a good tasting by-product.

Make sure you read the recipe well and measure each ingredient properly as mentioned. Level your ingredients such as flour or sugar with the knife when using measuring cups.

Or even better, use a digital weighing scale to measure everything in grams. Place an empty bowl on the scale, ‘zero out’ the weight, and then add your stuff to weigh the exact quantity.

Prepare your apparatus:

Your oven needs to be preheated before you get the batter ready. If you put your cake in a cold oven, you are quite likely to get a sunken cake.

Put on your oven right at the beginning when you start beating. Let it heat for 15-20 minutes before the cake is ready to go in. However, it should not be over-heated, as that will give you a dry cake.

The next step to do before you start with the batter preparations is to grease your baking tin. Choose a correct size as per the recipe.

Then butter the surface of the pan, add a little flour around the edges, rotate and dust it out. Or you can cut out a parchment paper to the size of your pan and place it at the bottom. This helps to prevent the cake from sticking to the pan.

Neither over-beat nor under-beat the batter:

This ultimately boils down to your judgment.

Although to bake the perfect cake, just keep in mind to beat the batter for at least 5 minutes, or until all ingredients are mixed well.

Beat the butter and sugar until is it slightly creamy and lighter in appearance.

The sugar should not be visible, but you should be able to feel the grain when you touch it with your fingers.

Beating the ingredients well helps to make a light airy cake, as it helps to trap some air pockets in the batter. Over-beating would make a denser cake.

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While beating the batter, the cut-and-fold technique works the best. That means when you tip in the dry ingredients, use a spatula to fold it in the egg-butter mixture in a semi-circle, then make a cutting movement.

Repeat the process a couple of times until all the dry ingredients are blended well.

Sift your flour:

Many prefer skipping this step altogether, but sifting helps to air the floor and makes sure that all dry ingredients are mixed well.

Never fill the pan to the brim:

Your cake needs some space to rise on baking. So you ought to fill up just halfway or 2/3rd of the pan at the maximum.

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Be patient:

Once your cake is in the oven, set the timer as per the recipe demands and wait for it to be done. Do not keep opening the oven door too often until the cake is nearly finished baking.

Or else the cake will sink in. The more often you open the oven, the more the oven loses its heat and the temperature drops. This will give you an unevenly baked product.

So just breathe, or do some other work in the meanwhile to keep yourself engaged while the cake takes its own sweet time to be ready.

Take a judgment call:

Some recipes might ask you to bake a cake for a specific time- say 40 minutes. But do not follow the recipe blindly when it comes to the baking time. The temperature could vary from oven to oven.

So try and keep an hour on your cake after half an hour passes. Observe if the surface looks almost done or if it’s still liquid. Sometimes the top might seem done but the inside might still be raw.

Use a skewer to check if the cake is done. If the skewer comes out dry it is done, but if there still some ‘liquidy’ batter in the skewer. You gotta give it a little more time.

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Now that you know all the steps on ‘How to bake the perfect cake?’, get started!

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