Back Pain- The Most Common Corporate Condition!

Back Pain Treatment

The “Painful” side of all of us!

“Ouch, I think I got a sprain in my back!” “Ah, I can’t bear this pain!”

These are our very own statements when we make a counter face off with one of the scariest aches of all time- Back Pain.

Almost every one of us has had a back pain at some point or the other in our life, and hence we know about it. Back pain is one of the deadliest pains one can ever experience in daily schedules.

Pain arising from the back can be due to various reasons, which may be minor or may be serious. Minor back pain is an everyday routine for most of us. Tired of sitting for a long time on a chair after our computer work, we feel a pain in the back, which usually goes off when we get up and do some stretches.

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Back pain is a serious complication, especially in the older age group. This is because, as age progresses, degenerative changes take place in the body. In addition to the complications described above, there are few notable complications:

  1. Arthritic Changes
  2. Difficulty in Standing & Walking
  3. Deteriorated Postural Appearance

The Actual Cause Of Your Back Pain

The way we take on our activities of daily living has a direct impact on which type of back pain we face.

For instance, let’s consider IT employees. IT Sector is one of its kinds, where almost every employee needs to adopt a sitting type of habit for almost an entire day. Sitting on a portable chair, IT employees spend more than 18 hours in a day just sitting, which takes a toll on their posture pathetically.

We cannot deny the fact that we can never change our work, but we obviously can change our outlook towards it.

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The workers who face back pain by the virtue of their sitting hours have a simple cure. Almost each and every person in this sector has a “Postural” kind of pain, which thus can be managed by Postural Correction.

  “Sitting Sector” workers must follow these 7 Simple Tips to be free from a backache!

1. Frequent Breaks is one of the ideal back pain treatment:

Anything and everything requires a break. Have a break at every 2 hours from your work.

2. Walk a little, Stretch a little

Due to long time sitting, our spine gets locked, which is the reason you feel pain. Get up, walk few steps, and try to stretch your back. This will give you results in minutes.

3. Drink lots of water

Lord Water! King Savior. Water is the ultimate drink for everyone. It keeps you hydrated, rejuvenated, and refreshed. Have a sip at frequent intervals, especially in warmer climates.

4. Regular physical exercise & movement

The human body is exclusively designed for mobility. The importance of doing regular physical exercise is age-old. It increases our strength, maintains our stamina, and keeps us fit and flexible. How about a lesson on Yoga someday?

5. Diet & Nutrition

You receive what you give. Load your body with what it needs, and not what you desire. Healthy mid-time snacks, such as protein bites, keeps you mentally stable, keeping your concentration up all time. A balanced diet is a must as well.

6. Keep calm and visit a doctor

Don’t be a doctor for yourself. Let the ones who have sacrificed their entire life, serve you. Back pain can sometimes be pathological, which should be treated very carefully. If chronic, visit a doctor and a physiotherapist immediately.

7. Smile

It is the best thing you could ever do 🙂

Follow these tips as these are some best back pain treatment ideas.

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