Priyanka Ghodela

A communicative english student, who masters in procrastination.A pluviophile and thalassophile by nature.Bored and disinterested not infrequently.When not found laughing at memes and listening to music you will find her dreaming about travelling the world.
  • Facts

    5 Weird Guinness World Records

    A world record is usually the best global performance with record-breaking facts and achievements. So here are a few records which will leave some of you amazed. 5 Weird Guinness World Records 1. Most people at a virtual funeral Via: An avid computer gamer known as snowly, in October 2005, played a 3-day nonstop marathon of MMORPG World of Warcraft and died of fatigue.…

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  • Factsrat temple of rajasthan

    Have you seen the “Rat temple of Rajasthan”

    Rajasthan, a place known for its attractive and beautiful palaces and forts, and the land of rich culture and heritage. It is not just famous for its beautiful handicrafts and monuments but also for places which amaze the outsiders in itself. And one such place is the Karni Mata Temple also known as the temple of rats. via:   Where is it located? Karni Mata temple is a Hindu Temple…

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  • FactsYanomami's ash soup

    Have you heard about the Yanomami’s ash soup?

    What comes to your mind when you think of a funeral? Burial, cremation or the internment of the mortal remains of the body? But the funeral rituals of the Yanomami might be a source of amazement.  via:  Who are the Yanomami? Yanomami are the group of indigenous people who live in the villages of the Amazon forest on the border between Venezuela and Brazil. The Yanomami have an occupation…

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