Nabina Sinha

A girl who enjoys moonlight stroll on the beach.. Books in the arms and wandering like a no-mad.. Currently! learning how to play with words.
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    Be A Part Of The Ocean Coral Reefs After Your Demise

    Via We all are very familiar with the evolution of human beings. We were nothing like this before. We were closely related to Apes! Look at us now. Ever wondered why such drastic changes took place in nature? Well! Scientists claim that some species on earth can find one way or the other to survive. So, we found our…

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  • The land Of 10 Million Gods And One Curse Unakoti

    Tripura is the 3rd smallest state in India. It has some best-kept secrets of its own. Statistically, it’s not the most famous tourist destination in India, but this small state is protecting one of the world’s most important heritage in the form of a bas-relief. The journey to Unakoti from the state’s capital, Agartala is almost 159.8 km by car.…

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  • FactsAnimals commit suicide

    Can Animals Commit Suicide Too?

    Introduction: Via Allindiatimes The term “Suicide” is derived from the Latin word  “Suicidium” which means “The act of taking one’s own life”. It ’s kind of a self-destruction that human beings use to end their lives. There could be many reasons why someone attempts suicide, Doctors have claimed that “a person who is suffering from some kind of a mental…

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