Mihika Gupta

18 years old (almost 19), pursuing BBA, dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, loves to travel and loves reading novel while travelling. I'm a party lover and I know how to have a good time
  • The Story of the Most Beautiful Mughal Empress: Nur Jahan

    There have been many great love stories in the history of India that have left a significant mark on the lives of thousands of people. People from time to time have set standards of love based on these ancient love stories. I’m pretty sure people must have heard about the great love story of Salim, the crowned prince, and Anarkali,…

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  • Facts

    Are Vampires Real? Read Some Really Interesting Myths.

    Vampires, as we all know, are considered to be a myth but not by all. For quite some time people had been obsessed by these creatures of darkness. Before Stephanie Meyers novel twilight they were portrayed as foul and evil creatures, wickedly known for their bloodsucking and stealing one’s souls. Vampire myths, as some may know may be real, this…

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