Anji Kul

I am an engineer by profession and have a inclination toward writing & reading. An amateur poet and a travel enthusiast who likes to explore new places.I like to share my insight through writing on philosophy,life,travel ,health & food.Also my love for music is immense and consider it as a best means of catharsis for me!
  • HistoryLord Ram's elder sister

    You Will Be Puzzled If You Know About Lord Ram’s Elder Sister

    Since childhood, we all have been studying and comprehending various adaptations of Ramayana, focused explicitly on King Dashratha’s four sons. Focused on Lord Ram along with his three brothers Laxman, Bharat & Shatrughan but what makes you raise an eyebrow is the fact that there was Lord Ram’s elder sister too which was first born child of King Dashratha &…

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  • Factsyogurt or curd

    YOGURT OR CURD! Confused? Here Are Some Intriguing Facts!

    Yogurt or Curd is relished by most of us and is a crucial part of our diets but there might be an occasion when you got confused between Yogurt and Curd! Funnily, some of us think that it’s the same dairy product and Curd is for ‘India’ while Yogurt is for ‘West’ or sometimes flavored Curd is misconceived as ‘Yogurt’.…

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