How Safe Are Your Cell Phones Really?

Cell phones are a human’s most important possession in today’s world. From the 1940s to the present, they have come a long way. We may forget to eat, but we don’t forget to check our texts or social media. Well, at least most of us if not all. But have you ever wondered if these could be harmful to you in any way? Phones can become an addiction just as severe and dangerous as any other.

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Radiations from cell phones

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world using cellphones wonder if they are safe. Cell phones emit radiation known as radiofrequency radiation (RF) which are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Radiofrequency radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation. This radio frequency is said to heat up the brain when the phone is pressed to the ears.

Scientists say that people who sleep with their phones on their sides are more likely to get cancer compared to those who don’t. But some studies have shown that cell phones can reduce the chances of cancer, which sounds skeptical.

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We sometimes have phones lying around in our homes due to no usage and they end up in dumpsters and landfills where they leach poisonous substances such as lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. into the environment. Cell phones have led to a lot of road accidents due to the usage of phones while driving. Not only drivers, but it also brings out the worst in pedestrians. This is one of the reasons it is illegal and banned by the government to drive while using your phone.

varieties of cell phones
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Our reliance on these devices

A cell phone is said to make everyone’s lives easy as it relieves a lot of stress. It is said that people feel safer when they have their phones around as it is a medium for human connection. They are considered as the social lifelines of people of any age group. They have restored a sense of connection in this world. Also, mobile romance has become a sensation among youngsters. They also are said to increase the productivity of people who work on it.

Cell phones are said to be popular mostly among the people born in this generation, the ones born before don’t much trust these appliances. Life seems to have become much easier after the invention of cell phones as people no longer have to roam around and search for phone booths in order to make an emergency phone call. In case you meet with an accident, it’s just a matter of seconds in which you can inform the police and call up an ambulance and get help as soon as possible.

effects of phones
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One of the reasons they are bad is they make people too reliant on them. When something goes wrong, for example, you run out of battery on the phone, instead of solving that issue, you start panicking and get out of your way. Also, men who keep their cell phones in their pockets are said to have a lower sperm count than those who don’t.

It is advisable that now knowing about the ill effects of cell phones on your body, you better keep them away and eliminate your constant exposure to the gadgets and use it only when it is absolutely necessary.

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