DIY: This Homemade Amla Chyawanprash Is Your Key To A Healthy Life!

The moment winter kicks in, our immunity goes out for a toss!

This might sound like Dadi-maa-ka-nuska kind of thing, but trust me…these nuskas (tips) work better than the costliest medicine in the world!

I know you must be thinking that when you get Chyawanprash ready in the market, then what’s the need to make it at home? That to with so much of the efforts involved.

Well, I agree with you. But you might not be aware of the number of processing that Chyawanprash goes through when it is made in factories, which eventually makes the maximum potential of your nutrients in it fall to the minimum level. A little effort and your health won’t be at a compromising stage I promise.

And when it is about your health, it is better to be on the safer side and avoid all the risks. Believe me nothing is better than making it yourself with absolute safety levels and retain all the qualities of the nutrients of all the ingredients you add to it. so that each ingredient acts proper to build a good shield of immunity around your inner health and body! Specially in winters that makes your health shields slumber. So be ready for a little but beneficial effort!

Read on to find out how homemade Amla Chyawanprash builds your health and immunity.

How To Make Amla Chyawanprash At Home?

amla chayawanprash

Ingredients: –

– Amla (1/2 kg)
– Jaggery (1cup)
– Honey (1/4th cup)
– Ghee (5 tbsp)
– Raisins (Handful)
– Soft dates (11-12)
– Cardamon (6-9)
– Black peppercorns (9-10)
– Cinnamon powder (1 tbsp)
– Fennel seeds (1 tbsp)
– Saffron (10 strands)
– Star Anise (1/2)

To prepare homemade amla chyawanprash, you have to:

source- Times of India

– Grind all the given spices together (Make it a fine powder)
– Boil amlas and remove the pit of it once it cools down
– Put amla, dates, and raisins in a blender. Make a smooth puree out of it
– In a pan, put some ghee and add the pureed amla, dates and raisins
– Cook it for 10 minutes until the ghee starts separating.
– Add jaggery and honey to the puree obtained after the ghee is separated. – Cook it for 5 minutes.
– Add all the spices and cook it on low flame till it becomes a sticky mass.
– After the above procedure is done, test it by putting a small ball in the water. The ball which is added to the water should not sink or spread. Once it is done, store it in air tight container.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Homemade Amla Chyawanprash?

source- My Little Moppet

Homemade amla chyawanprash acts as an immunity booster, it’s consumption winters allows you body to stay away from seasonal diseases, especially if you have allergies that occurs during winter season, consuming one tbsp. each day can prove to be beneficial largely.
–  It helps in getting rid of a cough and cold
– Amla is loaded with excellent vitamin C, which good for eyes and hair.
– Dates, raisins, and jaggery are rich in iron, much needed by women during menstrual cycle
– Homemade amla chyawanprash is a powerful antioxidant
– It is a rich source of calcium, phosphorous and vitamin B complex, protecting your body in various unknown ways.

What should be the dosage for taking Homemade Amla Chyawanprash in routine?


– For Babies (above 1.5 years): – 1 tbsp with milk once a day
– For children (Below 14 years): – 1 and ½ tbsp. with water once a day.
– Adults: – 1 tbsp. with water twice a day

Make sure this winter you do not skip this recipe and follow it properly and on regular basis in order to keep yourself healthy and fit. because the modern lifestyle is turning hectic and tiresome day by day and we often forget to pay attention to our bodies and ignore the signs it give so make sure you don not overlook your health from now onward!

Stay happy, stay fit!

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