5 Amazing Invention Stories That Are Not Very Famous

They say, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” There are certain objects of daily use that were born of either Necessity or Error. These objects are such an integral part of our lives now that we do not spend even a minute on thinking how life would have been before this object was invented. Here are 5 objects that have an amazing invention story; 5 objects that we need to value more.

1. Sewing Machine

Perhaps this machine is a blessing for someone like me, who does not know the S of sewing. But, the story of its invention can be really interesting.

Making ends meet is always the biggest concern of the breadwinner of the family. Elias Howe had similar concerns. He could not earn enough for his family. So, his wife took to sewing to earn some more money.

One day, while Howe sat watching his wife sewing clothes, he was blessed with a Eureka moment. He thought of making a machine that would help his wife in sewing.

However, it was easier said than done. It took Howe 7 years to make such a machine. He finally demonstrated it, in 1845. The machine could sew straight and even stitched. Furthermore, his machine competed with five women sewing together and even beat them.

The sewing machine was not popular among the masses until the Civil War. Thousands of uniforms were required to be made, and that was when Howe cashed in, literally. He went on to become famous and wealthy. All’s well that ends well.

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2. Toothbrush

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This one is for all those kids who hate brushing their teeth. You can blame it all on this English prisoner – William Addis. He was arrested in 1770 for starting a riot and sent to the New Gate Prison.

One morning, as Addis was cleaning his teeth as usual, with a rag, his lively mind sprang to action. He thought it would be easier to brush teeth instead of wiping them.

With the help of a bone leftover from dinner and some stiff bristles provided by a guard, Addis started to work. He made holes into the bone, tied the bristles into tufts and shoved them into the holes. Thus, the first toothbrush was born.

As soon as he was released from prison, Addis started his business. He never had to go to prison again. I am sure he must have been the man with the brightest smile.

3. Windshield Wiper

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I am always on tenterhooks while travelling in a car with a rash driver. Especially if its a rainy day and the slippery roads are not that cooperative. So, I completely understand how Mary Anderson felt while traveling in electric trolleys.

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Anderson was visiting New York City in 1902. The reason for her not liking electric trolleys was not because they were crowded. She observed that the driver could hardly see through the windshield on rainy days.

Drivers used to rub either onion or moist tobacco to put a slight film of oil on the glass. This helped to some extent. However, it did not solve the problem.

Anderson believed a rubber blade attached to a handle might help. At first, these wipers were used manually by the drivers to wipe off rain and snow. Although people found this to be a funny idea, the drivers loved them! Slowly, vehicles started having windshield wipers.

4. Flashlight

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Imagine this. You are 35-years old and broke. You try working in a cigar store, running a restaurant, farming and even repairing watches. But whatever you try to do, you fail to earn two square meals a day. Then what would you do? Try taking a hint from this story.

Conrad Hubert, a Russian immigrant came to Uncle Sam in 1890, when he was 35. After failing miserably in all the jobs mentioned above, luck finally favored him.

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Hubert’s friend, Joshua Lionel Cowen, loved dealing with electricity. He had invented a flower pot with a battery that helped the flower to ‘glow’. Hubert decided to sell these pots. Also, Joshua became more interested in something new – electric trains. So, he sold the flower pot idea to Hubert for merely nothing.

Hubert decided to recycle its parts. He took the battery, the bulb and the paper tube from the pot and used them to make “an electric hand torch”. At first, he sold them as a novelty, but this torch started becoming very popular among the laymen. Eventually, Hubert died as a Richie-Rich.

5. Potato Chips

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One day, in 1853, a fussy diner visited a restaurant in Saratoga Springs, New York. He was not happy with the french-fried potatoes and sent them back to the chef, George Crum, saying they were soggy and too thick.

This angered the chef. He resolved to make the thinnest fried potatoes ever. So, he sliced the potatoes into paper-thin slivers, fried them in boiling fat and sent the golden chips to the diner.

The diner fell in love with this dish! Thus, “Saratoga Potato Chips” became extremely popular. The rest is history.

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