What Are the Advantages of Eating CBD Edible Products?

CBD edibles are one of the most popular administration methods available in the industry. There are clear advantages of eating CBD edible products. This article will discuss the benefits of enjoying your dose of CBD with an infused edible. 

CBD in Edibles

The process of combining CBD with an edible product involves decarboxylation. CBD must be activated before it can be used in an edible. During the extraction process, the plant matter is separated from the cannabinoids and other beneficial cannabis compounds. The cannabinoids are decarboxylated or activated and then infused into butter. 

Once cannabutter is successfully created, the manufacturer can combine the extract with other ingredients and make any type of food product. 

Benefits of Edibles

Experts believe that taking CBD every day is the best way to experience the benefits of the incredible compound. In addition, edibles allow us to take CBD in a familiar way that also tastes great. 

Many other administration methods, such as sublingual oil, are less common. Users aren’t familiar with taking oil sublingually and may not like the strong earthy taste of hemp. CBD edibles are easy to remember, promote consistent use, and successfully mask that taste. 

CBD Gummies Without THC

Before choosing the best type of edible for your lifestyle, it is important to understand the different kinds of CBD. If you are concerned with taking THC, you should only purchase broad-spectrum or isolate CBD products. Both options are 100% THC-free. 

Full-spectrum CBD products contain small amounts of THC (under 0.3%). While the amount isn’t enough to get you high, it can trigger a positive drug test. If you aren’t concerned with consuming THC, we recommend trying full-spectrum products; many experts believe the combination of CBD and other cannabinoids is the most beneficial way to enjoy cannabinoid products. 

Not All Edibles are Created Equally

While cannabidiol edibles such as candies or gummiesare great ways to use CBD, other edibles are not as efficient. For example, harder-to-digest foods like cookies and brownies are much less effective than foods that are mostly dissolved. 

When CBD is sent to our digestive system, it takes hours for the CBD to be processed. In addition, much of the CBD is wasted by the liver. Candy is dissolved in the mouth and easily broken up by the stomach. 

CBD in foods that are easier to digest will deliver higher absorption and bioavailability rates. When you consistently introduce CBD and other cannabinoids to the endocannabinoid system, you have a much higher chance of experiencing the benefits. 

The type of edible you choose will dramatically affect your results. If you decide to take CBD in the form of food that is more difficult to break down, we highly recommend increasing your dosage to offset low absorption rates. 

High Potency CBD Edibles

Taking high potency CBD edibles is a good idea even if you choose CBD candy to administer your cannabidiol. No administration method has a 100% bioavailability rate. CBD gummies are one of the best types of edible, but they still do not have absorption rates that are as high as sublingual oil or smokable products.  

The best plan is to choose a CBD product that you will take regularly. If you have access to products with higher bioavailability but are less likely to use them regularly, your ECS won’t get enough CBD to deliver noticeable benefits. We recommend choosing an administration method you are comfortable with and adjusting the dosage to match the absorption rate. So, if you decide CBD edibles are the best way to get CBD into your body, you should increase the dosage to account for the degrading bioavailability rates. 

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