9 Ways To Read Better and Faster

Do you ever wish if you could read faster and better? Understanding every aspect, every word. No doubt, reading books is important. Rather, it’s a life skill which helps you to gather knowledge. But we can’t read every book with the same interest.

Well, what to do in this case? Read a limited number of books?

Nah…You don’t have to do that. Not if you read and follow all the tips given in this article. To read better, to read faster.

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1.The Preview

Before you proceed any further with a book, have a glance at the preview section. Sometimes, the matter we choose to read turns out to be lengthy. Previewing can help you in selecting the important topics. The index, headings, and sub-headings can help simplify the reading process.

But how to preview? It is simple. For any topic you think is important, try reading the first two paragraphs and the last one. This will give you enough idea about that certain topic and the rest 50% of your reading becomes easier.

2.No One Word At A Time

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Remember those days of childhood when we were taught to read one word at a time? To say the words aloud and read.

No, you don’t have to do that here. Keep in mind, speed, and comprehension is the most important thing to read better and faster. Imagine what is going to happen if you read each word loudly and read.

So, develop the habit of clustering. Reading 3-4 words in a glance. But this needs some practice. The more you practice, the better you become at it.

3.No more Regression

Regression in reading! Confused right?

Let me tell you. Whenever you read a book, there comes the point when you end up reading the same line or phrase again and again. That’s what regression is.

No one does it intentionally, but somehow, it takes place. And kills a lot of your time. To avoid this, start reading actively so you don’t lose pace with the material.


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This technique is useful for less complicated readings like magazines, newspapers, etc., wherein you don’t have to skip matters. You have to run your eyes faster through the pages.

You will have a brief idea of the matter/article. Besides, it saves half of your time. Use this method to know the basic keywords of the article, and save lots of time.

5.Focus and focus

Reading is a habit all must develop. But one more thing about reading is that it can’t happen anywhere and everywhere. A light environment is what you need the most. Sit with a calm mind. No Instagram, no Whatsapp. Just you and your book. Multitasking should not be a hindrance to your reading.

6.The Timer

Use a timer every time you need to increase your speed. Test how fast you read. It is going to improve every other time.

When the timer goes off, note down how many pages have read. Continue this. Set a weekly goal. This surely is going to increase the speed. Read a certain number of pages every day to improve your reading game.


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Do you get confused between concepts? Are you are not very sure of what you have read before? Not a problem.

Use a highlighter/marker for highlighting important text can be useful. Some texts are such that you need examples for your understanding. Linking certain pages for references can improve reading efficiency.

8.You need to practice

Books are an essential part of one’s life. The more you read, the better you become at it. But to be a pro at reading better and faster, you need to practice all of the tips.

Better and fast reading is a crying need among most of us, especially for those who had not developed this habit in the early days.

You will, for sure, improve on this part, only if you develop a daily habit for this.

9.Important things to keep in mind

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Decide, at first the amount of time you are going to devote to this. It helps you finish things on time.

Why are you reading? For exams, for improvement, to learn something, or for a better perspective. It is always better to know about this point. Aimless reading has no point.

Make notes to understand better and to clear your concepts.

Self-improvement/self-help books are quite different. Fix time to read a few pages per day. Make sure you understand the message delivered.


Reading books has a lot of advantages. And when you learn the technique of reading better and faster, it multiplies the benefits. The above-given points will surely help you achieve the same.

Happy Reading!

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