8 Different Sarees From Across The Country To Know About!

India one of the world’s most diverse countries has never disappointed us with its rich culture and heritage. Be it the North, South, East or West! All the regions differ in their language, food, religion or art-making. Nevertheless, India also offers a beautiful and unique collection of Sarees from different states each with a touch of elegance and vividness. There is nothing that can beat the traditional style and class of the Indian Sari.

8 Different Sarees From Across The Country To Know About!

1. Banarasi (Uttar Pradesh)

One of the most beautiful sarees in India from Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Banarasi Sarees are known for their elegant gold and silver zari designs. The Mughlai inspired intricate designs to give a royal touch, where the geometrical patterns and bright colours are the perfect attire for any sort of joyous celebration. One Sari takes around 15 days to 6 months and the hard work of 3 workers for its completion.

2. Bandhej (Rajasthan)

Also known as the ‘Bandhani Sari,’ Bandhej is a piece of work from Rajasthan. The 9-yard tie and dye fabric are the oldest techniques of creating colorful patterns on a plain piece of cloth. Bandhani saris are available in Vibrant colors and are mostly crafted in Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner or Jamnagar.

bandhej rajasthani sari
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3. Kasavu (Kerala)

Hand weaved Sari, from God’s Own Country -Kerala is filled with elegance and aura. Cream coloured sari with a golden border symbolizes the traditional Malayalee women and is one of the most auspicious attire in the South, especially during the Onam festival. Though different colours and zari work have replaced the golden work in the Kerala Kasavu, it is still one of the most loved Sarees in India.

4. Kanjeevaram (Tamil Nadu)

kanjeevaram tamil nadu saree
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Well, everyone knows about the famous Kanjivaram (or the Kanchipuram) silk saree from Tamil Nadu. It gets its name from the traditionally woven silk from the Kanchipuram village in the state. The Sari beautifully symbolizes the southern of India and is very popular all across the globe. You will find them in vibrant, graceful colours and an essential part of traditional and regional ceremonies in the south.

5. Taant (West Bengal)

Straight from the Sweetest State in India- West Bengal, the cotton sari’s are the light and most comfortable attire for the Indian climate. The thick red border on white cloth is the most loved colour and grace of the Bengali’s.

6. Muga (Assam)

Made from one of the rarest silk’s in the world, you will find the Muga sari only in Assam. The silk is golden yellow, organic and has the most durable natural fibre. The finally textured sari is very durable and a prized possession for its owners. Assamese women commonly wear them during special and ceremonial occasions.

7. Patola (Gujarat)

The hand-woven silk saree’s from Gujarat, are created in the Patan district of this state. Warp and weft technique, three people and 3-4 months are required to design one exclusive Patola Saree. The fabric patterns are inspired by nature and the animal world. You will find these sarees unusually expensive because of the skill and hard work that goes into its making.

8. Bomkai (Orissa)

An extraordinary product of the Orissa textile industry, the Bomkai sari (aka as Sonepuri) is handwoven on the pit loom. Ikat and embroidery are interwoven into each other along with threads to create this classy attire.  They are available in silk or cotton, and most of the designs are an inspiration from nature or the rich tribal culture in the state.

Can’t wait to own them right?

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