6 Tempting Japanese Candies that you Have to Try

There is one kind of food that is loved by all people- sweets. No one can resist these delicious treats that bring so much joy. There are so many different and unique kinds of sweets- chocolates, candies, toffees, and a lot more.

Many countries from around the world have their own delicacies; however, when it comes to sweets, Japan is famous for its various kinds of candies. The country has been producing candy on a grand scale since the 1800s, with more and more products hitting the shelf each year. Each product is available in an extensive number of flavours that appeal to a broad audience. 

These candies have gained so much reputation that they have been integrated into the pop culture of Japan. Not only that, but these candies are also famous worldwide, prompting people to order them online and even visit Japan just to taste them. Here are some sweets that have captured the hearts and tastes of people around the globe.


Pocky is a brand of thin biscuit sticks dipped in various flavours of icings. The most popular flavours include chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. The crunchy, almost salty biscuit combined with the creamy frosting is a perfect snack to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. Sold in memorable packaging, Pocky is easy to eat and not very messy. Other unconventional flavours include Almond Crush, Orange Peel, Matcha, Giant Cantaloupe, and Pumpkin.

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Kit Kat

Kit Kat, an infamous chocolate bar that is a part of all of our childhoods, is an absolute sensation in Japan. There are over 400 unique flavours of Kit Kat produced, most of which can only be found in Japan. A special nod has to be given to the packaging team- they utilise a unique design of boxes that provides the buyer with information about that particular flavour. Some flavours include Matcha, Apple, Hot Japanese Chili, Lemon Cheesecake, Cherry, Cappucino, Fruit Parfait, and Banana.

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Founded in 1951, Milky is one of the most famous and well-loved sweets in Japan. The package contains individually wrapped milk candies. These candies are semi-soft and have a creamy, milk powder taste- almost like caramel or soft toffee. It is made with creamy milk from Hokkaido. 

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Coffee Beat

Coffee Beat produces tiny chocolates shaped like coffee beans. These chocolates are crunchy, but they don’t contain an entire coffee bean. While most adults do not mind a strong coffee taste, Coffee Beat has a milder flavour that appeals to children as well. It is an excellent snack to eat on the go and when you want a little boost to brighten your day.

coffee beat
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Meiji Macadamia

Meiji Macadamia is a brand of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, typically available in 10-piece trays. The Hawaiian islands have always been a trendy spot for Japanese tourists. Traditionally, these tourists would bring back chocolate-covered macadamia nuts as souvenirs. Around the beginning of the millennium, Japanese companies began producing their own version. This treat skyrocketed in popularity and hence is now a popular item available in convenience stores across the country.

meiji macadamia
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Ichigo Ame

Ichigo Ame, or candied strawberries, is an exceptionally tasty treat available during strawberry season. Ichigo Ame is the strawberry version of candied apples, a treat found in many other places of the world as well. If you think that this may just be a small snack, then you are wrong. Japanese strawberries are large, some reaching the size of a plum. Ichigo Ame is sold by street vendors at festivals, pleasing the crowds that come through.

ichigo ame
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