6 Rare Fruits With Amazing Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About!

There is absolutely no doubt that fruits are really healthy for our body. They are an important part of our diet and are really beneficial for us. But, do you know about these rare fruits that have mind blowing benefits? Here’s everything you want to know about them!

1. Prickly pears

This is an avocado shaped fruit that is grown in Southwest U.S. or Mexico. Its pulp is either ruby red or golden in color. It tastes mild and sweet. They are highly rich in magnesium and contain more magnesium than present in orange, apple, and pear combined together! The treasure of magnesium that it holds can avoid the danger of acquiring type 2 diabetes by us.

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2. Longans 

Longans come from Southern China. They are also known as the little brother of another fruit known as lychee. They have a translucent flesh and are sweet in taste. The taste is similar to a mixture of grapes and pear. Longans are beneficial for us as they are rich in vitamin C and are a low-calorie fruit.

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3. Star Fruit

This fruit is native to Southeast Asia and India. Star fruit is also known as Carambola and it has a taste like the mixture of plum and apple. Its texture is crunchy like a cucumber. This as a low-calorie fruit and has rich amounts of vitamin C. Star fruit provides huge supplies of dietary fibre to our body and reduces the risk of dying from a heart ailment.

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4. Kumquats

This strange fruit has a bitter pulp but has a sweet peel! They are in the shape of a bite-sized orange and they are grown in U.S. and China. This fruit is excessively rich in vitamin C than many other fruits like banana, apple, orange, grapes, etc.! People who consume Kumquats are less prone to the risk of high or low blood pressure.

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5. Plantains

This banana-like fruit is grown in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Caribbean and some parts of Africa. Plantains have a hard texture and need to be cooked before consumption. They are green in color when raw and turn yellow on ripening. They are a rich source of Vitamin A and C and have more potassium as compared to banana. They are extremely good for maintaining a healthy blood pressure and to keep our bones strong.

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They are grown in Canada, China, and Japan. They are soft and creamy in texture and taste sweet n sour when they are fully ripe. Persimmons are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C and are healthy for our immune system.

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So now you can add some new fruits to your bucket list to stay healthy and fit!

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