6 Christmas Gifts for Him That You Didn’t Think Of

Christmas is fast approaching, and it can often be difficult to find gifts for that someone you love. Here are five great Christmas gift ideas for him that you probably didn’t think of already.

Top 6 Christmas gift ideas for him

Getting presents for that someone you love or care a great deal about is much easier said than done, especially when that special person doesn’t give you any hints as to what he might like for Christmas. If you’re completely stuck for ideas and don’t have a clue what to get, you’ve come to the right place. You may want to start by categorising the major gifts. The top 6 Christmas gift ideas include the following:

  • Experience Days
  • Games & Novelty
  • Grooming & Fragrances
  • Technology & Gaming
  • Jewellery & Watches
  • Home & DIY

Separating the gifts by category can help massively narrow down your search, and it will make hunting for an ideal gift a much less daunting task. You should also think about roughly how much you would like to spend. For example, do you want to get something relatively affordable in the $/€/£1.00 to $/€/£99.00 price range (or equivalent currency value)? Maybe you have enough money to buy a mid-range gift (worth anywhere from $/€/£100.00 to $/€/£250.00), or, if you can afford to, perhaps you can spend more than $/€/£250.00 on a slightly more expensive gift? 

Unique gift ideas for casino gamblers, poker players and sports bettors

Your special someone might like to play poker or roulette or place the occasional wager on his favourite sports team, so if you’re looking for something a little different, here are some of the most interesting gifts for gamblers. Examples include:

  • Casino-themed or traditional deck of playing cards
  • Poker set
  • Personalised leather wallet
  • Fruit machine money box/piggy bank
  • Poker/casino-themed jewellery
  • Casino-themed charm bracelet
  • Personalised leather dice cup
  • Books on how to play poker or other casino games
  • Vintage fruit machine/slot machine – coin operated

Other honourable mentions

If you’re looking for more inspiration for a casino/gambling-themed Christmas gift, then you may also want to consider getting either a casino-themed money clip, a gold/silver money clip, items of clothing (e.g., casino-style slippers, robe, t-shirt, a gambling shirt, or hat), a customised mug, luck o’ the Irish or four-leaf clover-themed items, a key chain, or a casino game night (which usually includes a mixture of popular casino games, such as roulette, playing cards, and craps).

Popular gifts that aren’t specifically casino-themed

For those of you who want something more traditional, then you may want to consider some of these other great gift ideas. Power tools can be expensive, but they often go down well with a lot of men as a great Christmas gift. Some of the other popular Christmas gifts that you may also not have even considered are things like a sweets, candy, and chocolates, aftershaves and deodorants, a grooming kit, or board game.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, then you may want to purchase an experience day gift. These include things like driving a sports car around the track for an hour or so, a helicopter trip, a spa day for two, a massage, a trip to a theme park, or a segway experience for two.

You also have football stadium tour experience days, a trip away to a hotel for a couple of nights, an introductory flying lesson, a glamping holiday, a sky diving experience, a bungee jumping experience, a clay pigeon shooting experience, or a trip to the theatre, to name just a few fantastic ideas that don’t necessarily have to be expensive.

Where’s best to buy a Christmas gift for him?

You can get many of the gifts that were mentioned above from several of today’s most trusted online retailers. If you live in the United Kingdom, some of the most obvious websites are Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Argos, and ASOS. You can also find plenty of great deals throughout the year and in the build-up to Christmas at several other trusted online retailers, such as Shop4World, Overstock, OnBuy, Rakuten, Better World Books, Biblio, Newegg, Ebuyer, and Maplin, to name just a few.

Before you can purchase items from some of these websites, you may need to start by registering an account and adding some personal details. However, at some sites, you can purchase items without having to register your details. The only information you will need to supply are things like your shipping address and payment details. Just check that you are buying from a trusted seller before handing over any of this information.

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