5 Ways To Keep Up With an Aries

People born under the cardinal fire sign are known for having explosive energy. The impulsivity that characterizes Aries can be difficult for other signs to keep up with, even if your sun sign and major placements are compatible with the sign of the ram. Here are five ways to match the fast pace of an Aries and increase your compatibility with these fiery individuals.

1. Let Them Win

The competitive nature of Aries comes from the sign’s ruling planet, Mars. The Greek god Ares and Roman god Mars, who were associated with war and agriculture, set the pace for this zodiac sign. Other star signs that are characterized by fiery competition, such as Leo, may naturally keep up with an Aries. Giving Aries the victory can be the easiest way for less driven signs to stay in the race.

2. Keep the Relationship Exciting

Aries thrives on excitement. If a bond becomes boring or restrictive over time, the Aries partner may itch to set out in a new direction. Aries loves the chase, and partners that find ways to keep Ariens running in the right direction can share committed, long-term relationships. Getting psychic readings for Aries is a good way to check the status of both partners and identify opportunities to keep a relationship fresh.

3. Support Their Ambition

Individuals born under the Aries zodiac sign often have lofty aspirations. One of the challenges that many Ariens face is that their drive and determination point in multiple directions. Partners that encourage an Aries to pursue a particular goal can find it easier to keep up with Ariens through all of the twists and turns on the road toward realizing their dreams.

4. Help Them Avoid Burnout

The fiery nature of Aries can be prone to burnout, especially when difficulties, frustrations or obstacles arise. In addition to running hot, people born under the sign of the ram are stubborn and may not know when to take a break or change course. Partners should remind Ariens to breathe, rest and recharge.

5. Honor Their Independence

People in relationships with Aries partners should acknowledge the value of the powerful intuition that guides individuals born under the sign of the ram. Partners looking for ways to respect the nature of Aries can read horoscopes or schedule psychic readings in the California Psychics app. Monitoring astrological transits or getting insight into a relationship from a reader can be helpful for keeping up with an Aries.

Your own sun sign and major placements can determine your level of compatibility with an Aries. The fixed fire sign of Leo has a competitive nature that helps people born under this sign rise to the challenge of keeping up with Aries. Conversely, the mutable water sign of Gemini can be flexible enough to accommodate Aries. The cardinal air sign of Libra may also be able to harmonize with the cardinal fire sign. These strategies can be helpful for people born under any zodiac sign who want to keep up with the energetic nature of Aries.

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