Top 5 Ultimate Fashion Inspiration Movies To Watch

The summers are here. And thus, so many of us are enjoying the requisite summer vacations, as we call them. While some of us would satiate our wanderlust during this period, many others would happily indulge in all day-all night movie marathons. For those of you who are blessed with common interests of mine like bingeing on movies (especially chick-flicks) and incessantly shopping till I drop, I have specially compiled a list of my favourite movies that are a combination of both the loves of my life. Read on and learn some major fashion mantras as you watch these fashion movies while obviously having tons of fun!

Top 5 Ultimate Fashion Inspiration Movies To Watch

1. The Devil Wears Prada

I’m sure it isn’t surprising that this spin-off of the famously written novel by Lauren Weisberger of the same name made to the top of my fashion flicks list! And why wouldn’t it? These fashion movie has got the entire thesaurus and the savoir-faire of the fashion industry compressed in one perfect masterpiece.

This fashion movie was on point from groundbreaking styling tips to truly technical details of the industry. This is evident in the scene where Andrea/Andy Sachs, the character played by Anne Hathaway, laughs at a paranoid Miranda Priestly over nuances in blue belts, the character played by Meryl Streep; and then Miranda goes on to explain the theory of ‘diffusion of fashion’ in the wittiest yet unforgiving way.

The way Miranda Priestly carries herself with undiluted charm and chutzpah is worth applauding and admiring. Also, the transformation of Andrea Sachs is worth noting, giving out major fashion cues and goals to the masses. However, I would personally suggest you gals read the actual novel and its sequel ‘Revenge Wears Prada’ for more interesting insights into the world of the fashion publication industry. Hearsay is that the author was compelled to compose these novels drawing inspiration from her real-life brush with a stalwart publication house which turned out rather sour.

2. Sex and the City I & II

There is no denying that this movie was filled with everything a true fashionista could ever dream of! The envy-instilling wardrobes of Carrie Bradshaw and her three best friends were the stuff of fairy tales. Out of all the fashion movies, this movie did give out super-augmented fashion goals to every girl watching it.

Not only did Carrie make the sapphire Manolos famous in the first movie, but also taught us everything we need to know about what to pack in our suitcases while travelling to the Middle East or as she would put it, ‘the new Middle -East. Hell, even after 7 years since the movie was released, I still find something or the other in my wardrobe or high-end fashion stores that would have been inspired by what the girls wore in one of these movies.

I promise that once you’ve thoroughly watched both these fashion movies, you would be just as excited for the third part to release as I am! Until then, you can always watch the 9 seasons of Sex and the City on repeat and keep digging for more and more styling tips! Carrie Bradshaw just never fails to keep you updated!

3. Confessions of a Shopaholic

The name itself hints towards the absolute delight this fashion movie is going to be for its viewers, and more specifically, the fashion enthusiasts. This fashion movie is yet another translation of Sophie Kinsella’s acclaimed novel ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’.

The main character of Rebecca Bloomwood is ever-so-obsessed with shopping. But not just that, she also has a taste and flair for it! It is a beautiful yet comical portrayal of the everyday struggles that so many fashionistas face today of going on endless shopping sprees and ending up picking stuff that they don’t really need.

The vibrant yet elegant wardrobe of the bubbly Miss Bloomwood inspires you to try and pair unconventional outfits, boots, and bags together. Numerous fur-laced jackets, sartorial cocktail dresses, immaculate handbags, and impeccable shoes are what define the protagonist of this movie to the T. If you are a bibliophile like me, then I’m certain that you would love to digest the novel in itself and its sequels too for the trivial details of oh-so-many inspiring dresses and grabs.

4. The Princess Diaries

Another Anne Hathaway blockbuster, this movie is truly something straight out of a fairytale. The transformation of Mia Thermopolis to Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi is remarkable. The way that the Queen dresses in some classic attires and looks stunningly elegant at that age is so inspiring, that you would want her wardrobe even if you’re just about 20. She is a diva on her own. And then there is the iconic scene where Pablo, the Queen’s personal hairdresser, alters the rib and bone of Mia’s personality. By the end of the scene, she looks like what snow-white would have looked like, had she existed.

The veritable gowns, iridescent tiaras, and immaculate power dressing give you a taste of what it’s like to be a princess in today’s world. The sequels of this movie are just as stylish and entertaining, I must say. As for my fellow bibliophiles, the Princess Diaries novels written by Meg Cabot are aplenty. Do peruse! PS: The princes’ lessons imparted by the adorable Queen are a bonus and absolutely delightful!

5. Pretty Woman

This movie is not only a classic and my all-time favourite, but also on my top-5 movies list for fashion inspiration- because there isn’t any other defining movie that properly reflects the elitist fashion of the 90’s the way this movie does.

I love the way the character of Julia Roberts moulds itself instantly from Nada to Prada, just after going on a long exhausting shopping spree. It shows how spending money at the right stores and taking the help of the right people can absolutely transform you so dramatically.

The classic two-piece pant-suits, polka-dot prints, cute derby hats, and of course the jewelry! Take a hint from the iconic scene in ‘Pretty Woman’ where the brilliant diamond necklace, a lent gift from Richard Gere, upped the sophistical quotient of Julia Robert’s stunning scarlet gown by leaps and bounds!

Well lastly, if you haven’t yet got a proper dose of fashionable extravagance from any of the fashion movies listed above, don’t stop yourself from indulging in some fashion-inspiring series of Gossip Girl, 90210, and Pretty Little Liars!

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