Revealed! 5 Expert Home Designer Tips For Your Abode.

Change is the only constant of life. As humans, we lead a dynamic lifestyle where our tastes and preferences keep changing. And aside from general wear and tear, this is one of the biggest reasons why we seek to redecorate our homes every now and then. 

Redecorating our homes, whilst exciting, can also be a challenging task. It’s daunting to pick the right table to match the right sofa set and the best wall colors to complement your drapes. But don’t fret. We’ve curated a list of five home designer tips that can help you turn your house into your dream home. 

# 1 Say Hello to Positivity with Some Plants

indoor plants
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If you’re looking for ways to add new life to your space, nothing can be better than a few planters. Indoor plants are a great way to spruce up your room with a pop of colour and also make the space appear fresh and lively. If you don’t trust yourself enough to get real planters, invest in good-quality artificial plants that look real but don’t require any maintenance. 

# 2 Avoid Clutter 

decluttered space
Source: Dengarden

Clutter not only makes our room look untidy and small, it also invites a ton of negative energy. A busy, messy space makes it difficult for us to stay in a calm mood and can lead to anxiety and stress. This is why, home designers suggest staying as far away from clutter as possible. While it’s tempting to display our souvenirs, trinkets, and keepsakes, not all of them can find a home in your showcase at once. Now this doesn’t mean that you need to throw away you priced possessions. Store them away and rotate them seasonally to give your space a new look every now and then. 

# 3 Play with Colour

add colour to your home
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The right colours can make or break the look of your room. Home designers suggest choosing the colours of your rooms before planning the furniture or other décor pieces. This helps in finding the best elements for your room according to your colour theme. If you’re someone who like classic styles, a neutral colour palette would typically be a good option for you. On the other hand, if you like bold, statement designs, you can opt for brighter, darker colours that make your home walls a colourful masterpiece. 

# 4 Create Balance

Expert Home Designer Tips
Source: Residence Design

Balance is the key to room aesthetics. This is why home designers suggest striving for balance in your home design. This could be by balancing light colours with dark colours, heavy pieces with light pieces, or negative space with positive space. The idea is to make every corner of your room visually appealing without overloading it with décor pieces. 

#5 Choose a Theme

theme based interior
Source: Decoist

There are a bunch of different décor themes that you choose from while redecorating your space. Consult your home designer to understand the various décor themes to choose from and opt for the one that suits your taste and requirements. Do not hesitate in playing with different themes across the internal design of your home

So, here were a few of the best home décor tips that are essential for modern interior design. To conclude, a bonus tip is to hire a reputable home designer firm like Livspace. Livspace is one of India’s most trusted interior design firms that offers end-to-end services that can help you transform your living space into your permanent residential heaven. So, if you’re planning to revamp your home, head to their website and book yourself a free consultation today! 

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