5 Amazing Invention Stories That Are Not Very Famous – Part 2

Continued from the first part of invention stories

I am glad to present to you the second part of this article. In the first part, we discussed the birth of the toothbrush, windshield wiper, sewing machine, flashlight and potato chips. Here are a few more objects that have interesting invention stories. Continue reading to know more…!

Shopping Bag

This is something that I love. This is something that EVERY woman loves (including some men)! But I wonder how people carried their purchases back home before the shopping bag was invented!

In order to increase his sales, a grocery shop owner in Minnesota, USA started thinking. Walter Deubner realized that people bought only those items that could be easily carried home. So, he toiled for four long years to make the first shopping bag. Made of paper and a cord running through it, the bag could carry a weight of 34 kg! It was coined “Deubner Shopping Bag” and cost 5 cents (around 2 rupees). Without a doubt, it became a huge hit among the masses.


It is a popular belief that the first newspaper was started in 500 AD in Peking. It was named Tsing Pao (News of the Capital). This paper continued to be published until 1935. The Chinese Government released this, with the help of carved wooden blocks. The main objective of this newspaper was publicising important events.

Also, there used to exist a Government newspaper in ancient Rome that recorded current events. It was called Acta Diuran (Daily Events).

Alarm Clock

Honestly speaking, I wish this invention was NEVER made! However, I am sure I would have been expelled from school had the alarm clock not existed.

The idea of an “alarm” was first born in a medieval monastery. The monks placed a lit candle between their toes before going to bed. When the flame touched their toes, they had no other option but to wake up! (How torturous is that?!)

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In 1787, a New Hampshire clockmaker, Levi Hutchins, liked to wake up at 4 am every day (Really?). However, since there was nothing to wake him up, he sometimes overslept. So, he decided to fix an alarm to one of the clocks.

Hutchins took a wooden cabinet and placed in it the machine of one of his clocks. Then he fixed gear that tripped when the hour hand of the clock struck 4. The gear, in turn, set a bell to ring. Sadly, Hutchins never patented his alarm clock.

Gun Cotton

Christian Schonbien, a German chemist, was experimenting with nitric acid and sulphuric acid in his kitchen in 1845. His wife, Fran Schonbien, never allowed him to make her kitchen a laboratory. But she was not at home at that time, and so Schonbien got to work.

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However, Schonbien accidentally split some of the acids. He panicked thinking how his wife would react if she found out. Schonbien quickly grabbed his wife’s cotton apron and cleaned the mess. He hung it over the stove so that it dried before his wife got home. On drying, the apron burned rapidly and vanished in a few seconds. Thus, Schonbien realized he had formed “nitrocellulose” or “guncotton.” This replaced the gun powder in all the military weapons. I think we should give ample credit to Schon Bien’s wife as well!

Tea Bag

Thomas Sullivan ran a wholesale tea business in New York. He wanted to expand his business by sending samples of tea to different customers.

In those days, people used “tea-bells” to brew tea. Like a bell in shape, it held some amount of tea leaves that submerged in hot water.

Deriving his idea from the tea-bell, Sullivan made bags of gauze, put different tea leaves inside and pinned the bags to cardboard. He dispatched these samples to customers. To his surprise, the customers wanted not only tea leaves but also his tea bags! Of course, the rest is history.

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