4 Ways to Keep Your Hands Looking Young and Beautiful

Millions and millions of people are entering the world plastic surgery to get the desired look. This greatly helps people become more confident and build upon self-esteem. There are so many different cosmetic surgeries in the market today like the infamous Brazilian butt lifts, breast enhancements, and facelifts. Media is always ranting about big butts and boobs, but what about youthful glowing hands? Overtime your hands develop age spots, wrinkles and even their plumpy appeal. Having younger looking hands adds wonders to your aesthetic appeal. Let’s take a look at 4 ways by which you can achieve younger-looking hands.

1. Opt for Hand Rejuvenation

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If you are someone who is looking for fast results then you should opt for hand rejuvenation. Hand rejuvenation is basically restoring your hands with their youthful and vibrant appeal. This procedure can be both surgical and non-surgical. It can be done using fillers, fat injections or by Intense Pulse Laser Treatment. Chemical peels, similar to those used on the face, can help retain youthful hands as well. You may need a combination of these treatments to get the desired results. These procedures help to build collagen in the hands and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and large bulging veins.

2. Eat Right

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Eating the right type of food is very important not just for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also for looking youthful. Some healthy food items you should keep in your diet are nuts like almonds, fruits like papaya, pomegranate, bananas and green vegetables like kale, broccoli, spinach, etc. Moreover, don’t forget to eat protein from fish, chicken and eggs because nails are basically made of protein. You can even try taking vitamin supplements or vitamin E capsules to get all the vital nutrients you need for healthy nails. You should also be sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water as well.

3. Never Skip the Obvious

There are two general things we wish to add under this heading – the first being to moisturize and the second massage. You should always make sure to moisturize your hands three times a day, or whenever you give them a gentle thorough wash. This will keep your hands supple and hydrated throughout the day – no one wants chapped hands now do they? Moreover, make sure you massage your hands for 5 minutes every night. Massage is essential because it not only brings more bloody supply to the hands, but it helps to strengthen them too and ease issues like neuropathy, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

4. Don’t forget that Manicure

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You should get a manicure at least once a month. This is a great way to pamper yourself – any why shouldn’t you indulge your hands in a beautiful manicure after all the work they help you get done on a day-to-day basis? A manicure is excellent in helping you achieve clean, yet exfoliated hands. It’s also a great way to get your nails filed and painted. A tip we would like to offer all the girls and even guys out there is to take your own equipment with yourself to a salon, instead of using those from them to keep yourself on the safe side. Many people have contracted infections

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